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Whole Family

I have mentioned a few times about story involving more family members and here it is.  As you read it, it was a struggle to how to bring in the outsider(forcefully, accidentally, purposely, ect...).  I kind of picked middle of forceful curiosity.

This is also my first story focusing on sister and brother which is new and is the focus of this story.  As the story progress, hopefully, it will feature more mother/son and daughter/father.

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Mike had fallen on hard times and moved out his apartment to live with his younger sister's family while he was searching for a new IT job. His sister, Emily, got lucky with her gold digging and married some old billionaire geezer when she was 18 and then he died on their wedding night. However, he did pass over all his fortunes to his soon to be wife.

A sometime later, Emily wanted to start a family and married Dan. They had been married for about three years before they had a daughter, Grace. About two years later they had another daughter, Sarah. Finally, after two years they had a son, James. Time went on as a family; school, vacations, DR visits, block parties, ect...

Mike moved in and was living the upstairs guest suite. He was admit with his sister that he would pull his fair share around the house. Emily wanted to make sure her little brother was comfortable with his own little area of the house. Mike would spend time with the family in between job interviews as they hung around the house.

Mike saw a perfect IT job opportunity and made arrangements for the interview. This job was about a three hour drive away, but he was fine if he got it as he could move into his own place. He left and made his way towards the highway. He was gone about 30 minutes when he got a call from the company that position had been filled. Disgruntled, he turned around to head back to his sisters house.

He walked up to the front door and heard loud grunting. Confused he snuck around the side of the house and looked in the window. He was shocked, Dan was naked on all fours and Grace was on the couch naked with her legs spread. Dan's face was in between her legs and he could see he was going to town on her with a steady pace.

Then all of a sudden, Dan lurched forward deeper into his daughters pussy. Mike looked back and saw Sarah kick her dad square in the balls from behind, causing him to lurch forward again. This continued for about 10 minutes till Grace got up and now Sarah sat on the couch and Emily started to kick her dad's balls.

Mike was shocked, but for some reason his cock was rock hard under his suit. He worked his way around the house and looked into the living room. There he saw James standing in the room naked with a two pillows on the floor. Emily walked in, naked as well, and James handed his mother something and then laid down on the floor with the pillow under his but and one holding his head up.

Emily then stood over her son and sat down on his chest and slid back to his face. James started to lick his mom's pussy and it took a few minutes for her to have an orgasm. Once she had an orgasm, she reached down and grabbed her son's balls bring them to the bottom of the sack with her left hand.

Mike could not see what James had given her, but now he could see it was a large wooden spoon as she picked it up. She now started to spank her son's balls at the rate of about once every two seconds. This went on for a quite some time while he continued to lick before she stopped. Mike was kind of surprised at what he was seeing, but for some reason his cock was rock hard and he could feel some precum getting his boxers wet.

He worked his way around the corner and into the back yard. This was a big mistake as there are huge windows looking into the back yard, but Mike did not think of this. Emily looked up while rubbing her son's balls and saw her brother making his way around the house. She moved her way to the back door and just as Mike was walking by she opened it.

Mike froze looking at his naked sister. Emily spoke up asking him if had a nice view and if he would like to come in. Mike timidly said yes. When Emily closed the door, she told him go in the den and wait there for her. Mike made his way to the den, which he was disappointed was no where near the family room.

Mike waited in the den for about five minutes when the door opened. In came his sister, Grace, and Sarah still naked. Emily looked sternly at Mike and gave him an two options. He goes to his room, packs his stuff and leaves never to come back again. Or he joins the male training program of the family and he will never need to worry about a job or money again.

Mike started to ask a question, but Emily cut him off saying no questions and he must pick. Mike liked the idea of not having to work ever again, but after what he saw his own balls became a bit sore. Mike was there standing in front of his naked sister and two nieces. His cock was rock hard in his pants, which was doing all the thinking for him.

He looked at is sister and said that he would like to stay. They all smiled and Emily walked up to Mike and told him strip his clothes off as he will not be wearing clothes any more. As he was taking his clothes off, Grace walked up with a piece of paper and pen. Mike asked what this was, and she explained to him it was contract for the male training program.

Sarah was gathering Mike's clothes as he was now standing there in his boxers. He picked up the pen and signed his name on the line. He removed his boxers as Emily now stamped the signed document. He was now naked in front of his sister and two nieces and under their control.

Emily smiled and said welcome to day one of male training and that it was time for measurements. She walked over to the desk and pulled out a cloth measuring tape. She walked up to Mike and cupped her hand under his balls and lifted them slightly. Mike instinctively reached for his balls. Emily quickly told him to stop and he will learn soon.

Emily sat in chair and began to measure Mike reading out the measurements to Grace who was writing them down. She took a measurement of his cock length while hard, 5.9 inches..She took a measurement of each testicle, 2.4mm for the left and 2.2 for the right. Mike asked what the measurements were for. She looked up and said it was for his chastity belt.

Mike was unprepared for this part as he did not see that. He started to protest saying he was not told of chastity. Emily cut him off again, saying he signed the contract and he free to back out at any time, but the penalty for breaking the contract is your two testicles. Emily motioned for Sarah and she walked in with a burdizzo.

Emily said we can do this right now if you want out as Sarah opened and closed the burdizzo. Mike swallowed and asked if he will ever be able to cum. Emily laughed as she cupped his balls saying not to worry his balls will be allowed to release. He then looked down at her and said he would like to keep is balls.

Sarah put the burdizzo away and returned with large bag of crushed ice. She told Mike to sit on the edge on the desk and open his legs. She placed the bag of ice on his cock and balls, which caused Mike to jump a bit. Sarah laughed a little bit. She removed the ice after a few minutes and his cock and balls had shriveled up. Emily quickly measured again his now flaccid cock at 1 inch. She told Grace to go get his chastity device.

Grace walked into the room with a clear plastic device. Mike looked at it and it looked like a small hollow cock with a ring on the back. He soon realized his cock would be going in that. He was shocked and asked if that was the right size. Grace looked at the paper and told him, his cock was 5.8 inches when erect and 1 inch when soft, meaning his cock grew 4.9 inches. To allow less then 15% cock growth meant a cage length of 1.5 inches.

Grace then looked at the cage and smiled and looked around the room at her sister and mom and laughed. She said, Uncle Mike was right, this is the wrong cage. She had grabbed the 1.75 inch cage, when she returned, she said if his cock has been one tenth of an inch longer when hard, he would have been in the 1.75 inch cage.

Sarah put the ice back on Mike's cock and balls to make sure they would easily fit in their new home. She removed the ice and Emily installed the chastity device around his cock and balls. When she was complete, she placed a lock in his hands and told him where to insert the lock. He looked at the lock and then at is sister and two nieces and pushed the lock closed.

Click, echoed in Mikes ears. Grace and Sarah each walked up and cupped his balls. Mike's cock was starting to warm back up and was now meeting it's new home. Emily told the girls to go help the boys prepare lunch and she would finish the introduction.

The girls left leaving Mike alone with his sister. She asked him if he like what he saw from the windows before, Mike told his sister he was intrigued by it. She asked if he would like to have his balls busted, Mike told her that yes he would but was not sure if he could take it as hard as they were. Sarah smiled told him that he will be built up to the higher level over time.

She said that she had been training James for about a year and is about ready for Grace to start to train him. He is not as built up as his father, but she will bring him up good. They really like busting their dad's balls, but sometimes sharing is not fun.

I will have Grace take over James training, which will be good as it will allow her to groom her skills on a younger and not as robust set of balls. Sarah will now have full control over her father's balls as she is still learning her ways. I will start your male training, but any of the girls can and will bust your balls. They don't need a reason to and will bust them at anytime.

Mike was now worried for his balls. Emily could sense this and told him not to worry as she will be the only one bust his balls for the first month and even after, they will go easy on your balls. Mike was not sure to sigh in relief that his balls were not going to bust that hard or if that he was going to be have his balls busted by his sister.

Emily told him that he is not slave and he is not going to be living in dungeon or have to wear collar or anything like that. They will have the same life as before. They will all pull the same weight as before...but you do earn more brownie points if you pull a bit more weight.

Now Emily walked up to her brother and cupped his balls. She lifted them up and said that she and all the girls will closely keep an eye on his chastity belt for any rashes or marks and make sure you have a nice safe snug fit for your cock. As she was cupping his balls, she said to pay close attention to how he can earn a chance to cum.

It will require two of the three to approve you for full orgasm. Once a week you will stand in front of the three of us and you can either choose to ask to cum or not. Mike was confused and asked why would he not ask to cum.

Emily, still cupping his balls and now rolling them a bit, said that if he asks to cum and none of us approve, you will be placed on permanent probation. Permanent probation is a warning for permanent chastity and that you are getting to greedy with your orgasm requests. Once in permanent probation, you cannot ask again for three months. After three months, if you choose to ask, remember it is up to you if you want to ask or not. If you ask and still no approvals, the chastity is made permanent.

If only one approves, the one who voted yes, gets 46 orgasms from you while the other two torture your balls. Mike asked why 46. She told him that was the combined size of his testicles, and the quicker the 46 orgasms, the less testicle torture time. She said, that once a quarter his testicles will be remeasured to make sure there is an accurate orgasm count.

If two of the three approve, you get a full orgasm. You will be unlocked and your cock will be inserted into a silicone pussy. You will have two hours for as many orgasms as you want. Once two hours are up, the one who voted no will stroke you to a ruined orgasm.

Finally, if all three vote yes. You get to have full out sex anything you want with all three of us for one day and then one day of no chastity recovery. Now we don't know each others votes. They are written down before you stand up in front of us. You will either ask to cum or not, then each will pass you their card to read out loud. It is fun to see my boys say no cum to find out all three of us said yes.

Emily took bit firmer grip on his balls and Mike took a deep breath and looked down at his sister holding his balls. She looked at him in the eyes and asked him when his last orgasm was. He said it was yesterday morning. She gripped a bit harder and said that his balls feel awfully light for one days build up. He quickly apologized and said it was this morning. She asked him what was the longest he had gone with out cumming, Mike not wanting more pressure on his balls said three days.

She let go of his balls and he let a sigh of relief out. She said, as your first time in chastity you will have bit different set of rules. You will be locked for short 19 days before you get a release to build you up. After you get to a solid three months locked up, we will take you off the chastity training rules. Then you will be on the normal chastity rules.

Mike was shocked, 19 days. He asked how she came up with 19 days. She said his three days of not cumming multiplied by his hard cock length, 5.9, is 17.7 plus one day for his soft length is a total of 18.7 and we round up to 19 days. She then added that since he lied and about his last orgasm, she was going to add one day, making it 20 days. She smiled and said if he is OK with 20 days. Mike not wanting to make her upset said he will find a way.

Mike now a bit bold asked about the ballbusting, Emily smiled at this question. She said what he saw was daily training and trading of the testicles. You will learn that when presented with a pussy you need to worship it no mater what pain your balls are in. Over time you will value the pussy, of any lady, over your own testicles.

Look at it this way, we are offing you pussy with the added bonus of orgasms in your face and you are offering up your testicles. In reality it is an unfair trade for us as you get two things, pussy and orgasm in the face, and we get one...just your testicles. Now before you argue that you are giving us two testicles, we can gladly take one to make it even.

You will have to ask Grace and Sarah what their training is of their dad's balls. I know Grace has kind of taken the lead, but they are doing their own thing. What you saw me doing to Jason was the spoon training. I present my pussy to him and he gives me and orgasm. Now, this is a bit unfair as I was waiting along time for my orgasm and you got my pussy right away.

So in spoon training, if takes 2 minutes and 34 seconds for you to give me an orgasm, for each second it took from first lick to orgasm is one spoon spank to the balls. In this example, 154 spoon spanks. So the quicker you complete your part of the deal, the less spoon spanks on your balls. You don't need to keep licking my pussy during the spoon spankings, but as I said before there are brownie points.

Emily looked at Mike and told that pretty much covered the basics and she will bring him up to speed as time goes on. She said that before they go get lunch, she needed one thing from him. She said that he needed to ask her to slap his balls five times for five licks of her pussy. Mike took a deep breath and asked his sister if he could get five licks of her pussy and she can slap his balls five times. Emily smiled and said thank you, but I will have to decline.

Mike was like... hey this is working out better. However, Emily came back with a counter offer which shocked Mike as he had just been setup. Emily's new offer was six slaps total and one per testicle flick and Mike will get four licks of her pussy. Mike was not sure what just happened as now he is getting more slap and a flick with less licks. Emily reminded him, that the trades were not fair for her and always favored to him. Mike accepted the new trade.

Emily got up on the edge of a chair and spread her legs. Mike got on all fours and put his face right in front of her pussy. He stuck his tongue out and did four laps of her pussy. Instantly he was in a state of bliss at the taste of his sister pussy. She stood up and looked at his smile that was glistening with her pussy juices.

She told Mike to sit on the edge of the chair and let his balls hang over the edge. Still in somewhat of blissful state he sat down and his sister grabbed his balls with her left hand forcing them to the bottom of his sack. She let six quick slaps fly into his balls with her right hand. Mike tried to curl up in pain but the grip his sister had on his balls prevented him from moving.

After about two minutes Mike had calmed down a bit. She told him grab his balls with both hands and hold them in the bottom of the sack. It was nice to be able to hold his balls for bit. He held his balls on the bottom of the sack as his sister lined up her flicking finger on each testicle. She let go and flicked each at the same time.

The pain was worse then the slaps. He mind was boggled as how could simple finger flick hurt more then the slaps. He rubbed his balls with his sister rubbing his back to warm him up. A few minutes later, he was able to move again, albeit a bit gingerly. Emily said that lunch should be ready by now.

They mad their way to the kitchen, Dan, Grace, Sarah, and James were just finishing setting the table. They all sat down at the table and it was a normal lunch. Expect for the fact they were all naked. Well almost, all the guys had their chastity belts on.

Emily laid out the new male training program for everyone. She would take her brother's balls, Grace would get James' balls, and Sarah would get Dan's balls. This way everyone now has a set of balls to train. She told the girls, that while they will be tempted to bust their uncle's balls, they were to wait till he had been properly trained. Then after slowly bring him up to speed.

After lunch they all helped to clean up and Mike went back to his room. He sat at his desk and looked at his small chastity cage and trapped cock for a few minutes. It tried to get hard as best it could. If it was not for the cage on his cock, he would definitively be masturbating right now. He could feel his balls getting full and the thoughts of the three naked ladies in the house were not helping either.

He heard a knock at his door and his sister was standing there. She asked if she could come in. Mike still coming to realization that this will now be everyday life now. She sat on his bed and asked him if would be able to work on Grace's computer as it was acting a bit slow. Mike said sure and was pretty confident it just need to be cleaned up.

As Emily was leaving, she said that she would be back later for his daily testicle training and trading. Mike did not realize this would start right away. He sat there for minute and went to Grace's room to look at her computer. He knocked and Grace told him to come in. Grace was on the bed with her vibrator going in her pussy.

Mike's cock tried to twitch in its cage. He looked and saw the computer on the desk. He started to work as Grace was lying on the bed with her vibrator in her pussy. It took him about an hour to clean it all up and get it back running smoothly. All the while Grace was playing with her pussy in the background.

When he finished he turned around to look at Grace on the bed. She had stopped and now had weird strap on contraption in her hand with large cock. He gulped and timidly asked what that was for. She laughed saying not to worry this was not for his ass. She walked up to her uncle and cupped his balls. She said that these needed to be filled up a bit more. She put the strap on around Mike and the cock was just above his locked cock.

She got back on the bed on all fours with her pussy in the air and said that it took him a hour to fix her computer meant one hour of him fucking her pussy. Mike slowly got behind her and inserted the large cock in her pussy. She groaned as it entered her pussy. He started to hump her, but it was an odd feeling of performing sex, but not getting any feeling.

This went on for a hour and Grace had eight orgasms. She pulled out of his fake cock and looked at his locked cock which was now had a nice bead of precum on the tip. She cupped his balls again and said for the first time he did not do that bad, but his balls will need to do better of overflowing. She giggled and said not to worry as that will come with time.

Mike left the room and went down to the kitchen to get a drink as an hour of humping wore him out. Emily was in the kitchen and asked him when he was ready for his training and trading to meet her in her room in about 30 minutes. He sat down in the family room and was watching Sarah and James play Wii. He was mesmerized at Sarah bouncing tits and but.

After 30 minutes Mike made is way to Emily's room. When he walked in Emily was on the bed with a vibrator in her pussy, he thought mother like daughter. Emily said that today's training and trading will be simple as it is the start. However, as time goes on the trades will be more complex and could even spread over multiple days.

Emily said that she will initiate the trade proposals for a while till he gets the feel of how they work, then he will be required to make the initial offer. Now she said that he has the option to decline her trade, but then must come back with a counter offer. If she declines the counter offer, then she will have final say on her next what she says is final.

When Mike makes the offer, she can decline and make a counter offer. If he declines the counter offer he can counter her counter offer. If she declines his offer, then she will have final say on her next offer. She said, that once he starts making offers he is in control as he gets two offers to her one.

Emily said that his testicle trade will always follow her trade. Meaning pussy first and balls after. If he voids the offer by not completing the full offer of his testicles, she will be forced to restrain him and double the offer on his testicles, and get a whole bunch of bad brownie points.

She asked Mike if he understood how the trading works, which Mike nodded. She cupped his balls and said, wow they feel a bit fuller. Mike told his sister how he had to fuck Grace with the strap on. Emily laughed saying that Grace is getting really good at teasing and causing balls to overflow with cum.

Continuing to cup his balls, she started to think of the first full offer. She asked him how good his pussy skills were and how many orgasms he had given with his tongue. Mike thinking of all his girlfriends and realized the fact that he spent maybe a minute on their pussy. He told is sister that they were average and a few orgasms. She said we will see where you stand on your pussy skills after today.

Emily made her offer, I will offer my pussy for five minutes and you give me 15 soft kicks to your testicles, for every minute of no orgasm is one extra medium kick. If you give me five orgasms, you get just the 15 soft kicks, if I only get four orgasms you get 15 soft kicks and one medium...ect. Mike did not know if this was a good offer or if he should counter and what would he counter with.

Emily could see his struggle, and said that he has a few options with this offer. He could extended the time with also extending the total soft kicks, but having a two minute orgasm window for the medium kicks. Or he could reduce the time and total soft kicks, but this would also reduce the orgasm timing. Or he could accept the offer.

Mike was not sure still and regretfully accepted the first offer. Emily said, not to worry as it takes some time before you can counter offer with your balls on the line. But once you realize are are getting pussy for your balls, you will get creative with the offers.

Mike laid down on the bed with a pillow under his head as his sister lowered his pussy on to his face. He could smell it and remembered the taste from before and his cock twitch in its cage. Emily started the clock the moment his tongue touched her pussy. He was lapping as quick as he could and before he knew it she lifted her pussy away from his face.

She stood in above him and said that in five minutes he managed to give her one orgasm. She said that he will need a lot of training before he is allowed to lick her daughters as that was pretty bad. Emily said that he will get on his knees and lift his cock and cock cage out of the way so the kicks fully impact the testicles.

Mike got on his knees facing his sister and lifted his cock and cock cage out of the way, he could feel his balls swinging free. She told him 15 soft kicks followed by four medium kicks, for a total of 19 kicks. She said wow, just like how many days you are locked in chastity as she was getting the distance right for her kicks.

Emily took her right foot and held it under his balls and did a snap kick. Mike fell over in pain and grabbed his balls after the first soft kick. She told him to be careful and not void the offer. Mike knelt backup and presented his balls. Next came a succession of ten kicks. Mike was grunting not wanting to fall. After a few seconds the last for soft kicks.

Mike breathing heavily said that he was now scared of the medium kicks as the soft kicks took it all out of him. Emily said he will learn to adapt and put her pussy above his balls and to get ready for the four medium kicks. She now swung her leg back and connected with her brothers balls. He grunted and put one hand on the ground as Emily was saying to be careful.

The next three medium kicks put Mike on the floor looking up at his sister's pussy. She knew he was looking at her pussy as his cock was starting to swell up a bit and said that he can make another offer to lick her pussy, just make a offer and I will consider it. Mike still looking at her pussy and holing his now kicked balls said that he would love to but he was not sure if his balls could take any more.

Emily told him that he should not worry about his balls any more and think just about her pussy. She said that how about you make me an offer and I will blindly accept it, just remember it has to be fair... nothing like pussy orgasm with nothing in return. Remember, all pussy's are above your balls, plus it will be good practice for you. Which you need and the only way to get a pussy to practice on is to make a trade.

Still holding his balls and staring at his sister's pussy he was thinking of an offer. He started to talk, but his sister cut him off saying he needs to stand up and make the offer to her face and not from the floor. Mike stood up holding his balls said that he will offer her one orgasm in less then two minutes, and he will offer his balls for four slaps. Emily asked him what happens if he fails to give her an orgasm.

Mike did not think about that factor and said that he would offer her an additional four slaps, for a total of eight if he fails at an orgasm in less then two minutes. Emily then asked what happens as the time progresses past two minutes as he still needs to give her an orgasm to keep it fair for his balls at the end of the trade.

Mike did not realize how complex these trades can be. So he started from the begging, orgasm in less then two minutes and will offer four testicle slaps, and if I fail at orgasm in less then two minutes an additional four testicle slaps, for every minute after two minutes is an additional slap till you receive an orgasm.

Emily kept her word and accepted the offer. She said that in all other situations, that trade would have been declined. As Mike was getting on the bed, she said that she hopes he does better as in the five minute trade, he got one orgasm near the end of the five minutes. The clock started as soon as his tongue touched her pussy.

He was licking her pussy at a good pace and he felt her have an orgasm. He did not know the time, but it felt very quick as he was now enjoying the taste of his sister's pussy. He felt his sister grab his balls and pull them taught to the bottom of the sack. He was helpless as he still under is sister's pussy as she started her slapping.

Mike tried to move his arms around his sister, but she had place her legs on top of them. The first four slaps were now past for just licking her pussy, four more slaps as he took longer then two minutes for her orgasm. Mike was now grunting into his sisters pussy. The slaps continued, one, two three, and stopped at four. It took Mike six minutes to give his sister an orgasm.

Emily lifted off Mike and he reached for his balls rolling over. She said that it was almost five additional slaps. Emily was right in front of Mike who was still curled up and started to play with her pussy, sliding her fingers in and out. Mike's cock ignoring the pain in his balls started to get hard again. Emily kept playing with herself to orgasm right in front of Mike.

His cock was now as hard as it could get in the cage and pain in his balls was starting to subdue. Emily said that she will make one last offer for today and it is pretty fair. She will get one orgasm in less then five minutes, for two flicks of each testicle and if the time goes past five minutes with no orgasm, testicle squeezing till orgasm.

Mike accepted the offer and rolled back over as he was staring at his his sister's pussy. He started in rhythm of her pussy licking. Soon he felt her hand grab his balls and squeeze, he let out a yell in his sister's pussy as she continued to squeeze his balls. It was not long till she got an orgasm. Same as before, she did not get up but stayed in place.

She kept a firm grip on his balls and flicked his testicles, right,left, left, right as he grunted in to her pussy again. She then got up off his face as he grabbed his balls. She said that when she first squeezed, she almost orgasmed right there when he yelled in her pussy, but she held it back for about 30 seconds.

She was laying down next to Mike and pushed his hands away from his balls and stared to rub them softly. Mike's cock noticed this please and filled the cage. As she was rubbing his balls, she asked him what he thought of her pussy. Mike being one hundred percent honest said that it was bliss to be licking her pussy to orgasm. She asked how his balls were feeling.

Again, being honest, Mike said they were very sore as she was still rubbing them. Emily said well if you enjoy my pussy so much I am sure you can overcome your sore balls. Plus when you are licking my pussy I can see your cock trying to get hard and getting precum, so you are actually enjoying it even more then me.

She was looking at his locked cock trying to escape and said to her brother, that in the past half hour she has had four orgasms while his cock is still locked. She let go of his balls and fiddled with the lock on his cage. Just think in 19 days you will have one orgasm, how many orgasm will I have by then...

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Sorry for delay

Sorry for the delay, I have been getting some emails from people asking when new story comes out.  I am working on it.

Still working on adding the next chapter to Chastity Vacation.  I usually try to write about two chapters ahead then what is published.  I am about one and a half ahead at this point.

I am also looking at starting a new story with more family members... I might have said that before but not not much work has been done on it.

I added a new link for a new blog for stories I found, good stories.

Still the offer stands, I know I write more when I have had a release in a long time.  Any ladies out there that want more stories...I can offer you a key.


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New Captions

Since ImageFap is being "Awesome" and will not allow my uploads, I guess I will upload them here directly.