Thursday, August 18, 2016

Chastity Vacation Part 2

Continuation of Chastity Vacation
Jason had a rough night sleep sleeping next to his mom. His cock locked up tighter then he could have ever imagined and his mom tits and pussy right next to him. His cock was leaking precum and his mom's pussy was glistening when they each woke up. They planed on taking separate showers but there was a guide for the lady to clean the males chastity belt.

The got in the shower and the first thing was for the male to wash the lady, including her hair. He is not to miss any part of her body. Once the lady has been washed, the male will wash themselves except for their balls and chastity belt. The shower head is removable type and has two setting, one for cock and one for balls. It is important to thoroughly clean your males cock and balls daily for 1 minute each.

Betty and Jason got in the shower and Jason lathered up his mom. He washer her face, arms and back. He was nervous about washing her breast and pussy. He started with her breasts and he let out a slight moan. He moved to her pussy and could still see her juices flowing. He rubbed away on his mom's pussy and went to her hair. He massaged her hair and when he was finished she rinsed off.

Jason quickly washed himself, except for his chastity belt and balls. Betty took the shower head and switched it to the cock setting. It was a mild stream designed to get under the cage and clean out the cock area. She grabbed her son's chastity belt and put the streams of water down his cage. For Jason, it actually felt good.

Next Betty switched it to the balls setting, this was a bit more extreme. It was a full blast rotating and pulsating massage setting. Jason's good feelings quickly went away as his mom grabbed his balls and directed the pulsating water toward his balls. As soon as the water hit his balls, he yelled in pain. Betty kept a firm hand on his balls to keep him from pulling away. She moved the spray around his balls as Jason writhed in pain. Betty let go of her son's balls and told that was not that bad as Jason grabbed his balls.

They dried off and Betty put on a bikini bottom. Jason asked what the plan was for the day and Betty told him that she would follow the order on the first go around so TOD today. She padded Jason on the balls as they need to hurry to make the 10am intro class.

They made their way to the TOD building and their was a topless lady not much older then Jason who greeted them. She grabbed Jason's locked cock and scanned it into the system. She directed them to the class room where the TOD instructor will meet them.

They did not wait long before a topless lady came in and introduced herself as Cathy and would be walking the through the introductions to TOD. She told Jason to lie down on the mattress and they will restrain him so they can remove his chastity belt. Jason lied down and Cathy showed Betty how to properly secure him. Cathy noted that this would be extra special today as she has never worked with a clear chastity belt before as she examined his locked cock.

After Jason was secured, she walked over to a little door and buzzed a ringer. She told Betty this is so we know when he is secure and we can give you the key. The door opened and there was a little container with a key, his key in it. Cathy gave the key to Betty and gave her the honor to unlock Jason's cock. Betty unlocked his cock and removed his cage.

Jason's cock sprang to full seven inch size and both Cathy and Betty smiled. Cathy pulled out a small cup with a line drawn on it. She told Betty that this line was four fluid ounce and the minimum amount of precum needed before Jason can leave. She told them not to worry how long the teasing takes, but to just concentrate on the teasing.

Cathy started to lube up her hands started to stroke Jason's cock slowly. After about a few minutes there was a small drip of precum on the tip of Jason's cock. Cathy stopped and from the base of his cock squeezed up and the drip got a bit bigger. She showed Betty how to gather the drop and place it in the container. Cathy started to stroke again.

Soon there was another drop of precum, this time Cathy stopped and told Betty that not all precum needs to go in the container. She told Betty to get a taste of her son's precum. Betty licked the tip of his cock and the taste was sweet. She smiled said she really enjoyed it. Cathy said good, since once he has filled the four ounces it is yours to do with. Some women drink it, some toss it, some use it for themselves to masturbate.

Cathy went on to tell Betty to key getting precum is nice and slow stroking as Cathy started to stroke Jason's cock. Getting him to the edge of cumming is when he will produce the most precum for you. We need to keep him about one to two strokes away from cumming. What I have shown you now is just his initial precum production. Soon he will be dribbling out precum.

After a few minutes she was right. Jason was breathing heavy and his cock was oozing precum. Cathy place the container on his stomach to catch the drops of precum. Soon there was a repeated drip of precum out of Jason's cock. Soon there was thin layer of precum in the bottom of the container, about one ouce.

Cathy stopped and said there are all other ways to tease him, but hand stroking is the easiest to gather precum. Cathy told Betty to get up on her son and lower her pussy just so the tip of his cock is in her pussy. Cathy pulled over a little stand to make it easier for Betty to straddle her son with no effort on her part.

Jason watched as the tip of his cock went in his mothers pussy, it felt like great. Cathy instructed Betty to slowly lower herself onto his cock. Soon her whole pussy was holding his cock. While she was sitting there with Jason's cock in her pussy, Cathy said that this is a great method to tease, but all but impossible to gather any precum. So feel free to use it a lot.

After few minutes she lifter herself off Jason's cock and it was a good stream of fluid that came out of her pussy. Cathy said while that is precum, it is also your fluids so we cannot use it to fill up the container. Next Cathy had Betty suck his cock. Again she said this is great method to tease and get the direct from the tap precum, it cannot be gathered.

Betty was sucking his cock just slurping up the precum. After about 30 minutes she stopped and her mouth was covered in precum. Cathy laughed while wiping some off with her finger and sucking it off her finger. She said that she could guess that it was easily about two to maybe three ounce of precum she got from his cock, but none of it counted. She did comment that she had been doing TOD training for about five years and that his preum was one of the best tasting.

Betty went on to stroking his cock and soon there was constant drip of precum. Jason noticed the container was now empty. He asked why it was now empty. Cathy laughed saying that she need to use it as lube when he was in Betty's pussy. Cathy excused herself, and said for her to keep teasing and gathering his precum.

Soon Jason was on the edge again and there was a steady drip of precum into the container. After about an two hours, it was almost full, maybe another 30 minutes of stroking and it would be at four ounces. Betty stopped and took his cock into her mouth and for the next hour all the precum went straight into her mouth.

Cathy came back with lunch of some fruit and snacks. She made sure to give Jason a viagra. She saw the almost full container and dipped her finger in it and suck it off. Again she said this was one of the best tasting precums she has ever had. Betty stopped sucking and started stroke again. About an hour later the container was full to the line of four ounces.

Cathy congratulated Betty and said that he was on edge and producing full precum for almost six hours. She asked Betty what she was going to do with his precum. Betty smiled and said that she loved the taste and wanted to drink it. She took hold of the precum and started to drink it all in one on one motion.

Jason could just watch as what he produced over six hours was gone in a matter of seconds. His cock was throbbing and his balls were sore. The site of his mother drinking his precum only made him hornier. When Betty had finished, Cathy picked up the container and licked it clean.

Once they had finished, she said that it was time to get him back in his chastity belt. Cathy washed down his cock and picked up his clear chastity cage. Looking at his seven inch cock and 1.5 inch cage she laughed said that they are really good ant getting the right size at the orientation.

Cathy told Jason he had five minutes to lose his erection and fit into his chastity belt with no room to spare or she would have to forcefully remove his erection. Cathy started a timer and told Betty during this time you can tease him with your body or any other means, but you cannot touch any part of him.

Both Betty and Cathy started to masturbate in front of Jason. Jason tried with all his might to lose his erection, but after five minutes he was still hard. Cathy smiled and said not to worry, all first time guys never lose their erection in TOD. In fact it takes a a lot of TOD sessions before a guy can control his own erections.

Cathy walked up to Jason and took hold of each of his testicles in each hand. She told Betty to start the timer again. She told Jason and Betty she would squeeze each of his balls till his erection was gone. For the first minute she would be using light pressure, but every 30 seconds after she will increase the squeezing.

Betty started the clock and Cathy squeezed Jason's balls. Jason was in pain, he thought she was going to start easy and work her way up. To him this felt like the worse ever. After a minute she some how to disbelief of Jason started to squeeze harder. 30 seconds later harder, then again 30 seconds later. Then she let go.

He looked down and his cock was soft. Cathy quickly put the chastity belt on his cock which barely fit and gave the lock to Betty. She told her it is always best to have him ask ask you to lock him back up after any training where the chastity belt is removed.

Jason looked at his mother and said to lock the lock. Betty started to reach for her son's chastity cage, but Cathy stopped her. She said that was the most pathetic she had ever seen a guy ask to be locked up. Jason started again, please relock me in my chastity belt. Cathy smiled and said better not the best but it will get better over time.

Cathy locked the lock with a loud click and they both started to release Jason. Cathy walked them out of the building and she hugged both of them and told them to have fun on their vacation. It was past 5pm and they made their way back to the room stopping to get dinner. Of course, Jason's meal was viagra enhanced.

They were passing a open area near a stage where a crowd had gathered. On the stage were a couple of resort workers. Betty stopped and grabbed Jason to stop him so they could see what was going on. They one lady said that it was a special day for two couples, first was Joan and Steve Anderson who has decided to seal the deal and permanently seal his chastity belt. Also for Tina, daughter Becky, and Robert Dood who have decided to use the burdizzo on his balls.

They called Joan and Steve to the stage. They tied Steve's hands behind his back and removed the lock. The lady gave Joan a choice, she can have his cock feel one last thing for ten seconds and it his her choice. She can put his cock in her mouth, pussy, or hand. Or she can choose nothing and just lock him. She looked at him and that the last thing I want his cock to remember is my pussy.

She bent over and he slid his cock in his wife's pussy. After the ten seconds she removed his cock. His cock glistened with her juices. They did not wipe off his cock as they put his chastity belt back on. They gave a special lock to Joan and she locked his chastity belt.

One of the ladies took a key and inserted it into lock and twisted the lock did not unlock. She removed the key filled the hole with epoxy and put the non working key back in. She then snapped the key off leaving the lock sealed with metal and epoxy. The announcer lady said reminded anyone that has been to the resort five times can seal the deal. Jason looked around as saw all the ladies holding their mans balls while they were watching.

Next she called up Tina, Becky and Robert. They got up on stage Tina and Robert were an average looking couple, their daughter looked to be younger then Jason by a few years. They had Jason lie down on a platform and used stirrups to hold his legs open.

The announcer said that Tina would take his left testicle and their daughter would take his right testicle. She handed Becky the burdizzo and Becky walked up to her fathers spread legs. She took hold of his right testicle and placed the burdizzo behind it. One of the ladies made sure the cord was fully behind the burdizzo and gave a thumbs up.

Becky squeezed down till the burdizzo locked shut. Robert was yelling pain as his daughter was taking one his testicles. Jason was now surprised when his mom started to grab hold of his balls and rolling them around in her hand. After one minute Becky removed the burdizzo and one of the ladies confirmed the cord had been crushed.

Becky handed the burdizzo to her mom who took hold of her husbands left testicle and slide the burdizzo behind his testicle. Again, a lady confirmed it was properly on the cord before giving the OK. Tina clamped down on her husbands last testicle. After a minute she let go and they confirmed that the cord had been crushed.

While they were moving Robert to a recovery room. They asked the ladies what they plan on doing now that they have castrated their man. Both smiled and said not to worry as they still had their son/brother Fred who was in chastity and will now serve both of them. The announcer said sarcastically that she hopes he has the balls for it.

Betty let got of Jason's balls not even remembering grabbing them. She asked Jason if that was something he would be looking forward to. Jason did not know how to answer, permanent chastity or castration. He kind of mumbled out he would have to think about it as they walked back to their room.

They got back to the room and Jason was happy he made it through the day, day one of thirty. However, Betty reminded him that tomorrow would be better for his cum filled balls as they will be doing the ball busting and no teasing.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Chastity Vacation Part 1

 Continuation of Chastity Vacation


They went to the couple's elevator and unlike the men's only elevator it was a normal elevator and did move a lot faster. When they got to the ground floor the door opened to a young couple in the lobby. Jason was staring at the ladies tits and then noticed the man had a yellow chastity belt that was leaking. They were talking to each other and Jason and Betty overheard her say that the TOD training went well today while she had her hand on her husbands balls.

The lady noticed Jason looking at her breasts and she looked down at his clear chastity belt. She walked up to Jason and Betty and in an surprised voice said that she had never seen a clear one before. She asked Betty if she could touch it, which Betty obliged. She examined Jason's locked cock, but it was trying to grow. Jason's cock got as far as it could and she let out a little chuckle.

Betty asked if she could look at her husbands locked cock and she said yes. Betty was impressed with amount of precum dripping from his cock. Betty asked about TOD training and she said that it was always fun to keep him on edge. Betty noticed his huge balls and asked how they felt. The man said they are sore and swollen all the time. His wife interrupted him and said that they are sore from yesterday BB training.

Betty asked how long they had been at the resort, and the lady told them that they had been here a week and this was their 9th time. Betty got excited and asked if she was going to castrate him next year. She said that she they wanted to have a couple of kids first, but after next year his balls are eligible. Plus after two kids they will permanently seal his cock up till castration.

After some chit chat, Betty and Jason made their way to cafe seeing a few other guests along the way. Jason had not seen any other clear chastity belts yet. They got to the cafe and they were greeted by a topless hostess who grabbed Jason's balls to scan his cock lock. This caught Jason by surprise but it was quick grab as she walked them to the table. The cafe was about half full and Jason could not keep his eyes off all the women.

The waitress brought over two different menus, one for women and one for men. It was a strict no share policy on food and drinks. Jason noticed something odd with his menu of food, they all had added viagra to food. Even the drinks had viagra in them. He told his mom, who smirked and said that he better not waste any food and eat everything he orders.

Jason ordered a chicken sandwich, with crushed viagra on the chicken as “breading”and a water with viagra. Betty order the regular chicken sandwich. As they were eating their food, they were talking about the next 30 days. Jason still wanted to go to room after to see about the training, hoping he could find the least painful one.

Once they were done with lunch Jason was starting to feel the effect of the viagra. His cock was trying its best to escape and everywhere he look was nude or topless women. Betty noticed his discomfort and agreed going back to the room would best for the rest of the day. This would allow Jason to adjust to his new lifestyle.

They got back to the room and they turned on the TV. There was guide about each training building. Betty said that this would be good opportunity to review each training area. They first select the Teasing and Orgasm Denial. The same lady from the welcome video started to talk about the TOD.

She made it sound like a good idea for the men as it is an opportunity to have the chastity belt removed for an extended period of time. For first time guests of TOD, there is an 10am and 1pm introductory class which will help the women for the first time.

There are rules are absolutely no male cumming. If a male cums, he will be servery punished by the femdom disciplinarians. It is the males responsibility to hold back their orgasm no mater how much teasing is done. The men will be tied down before removal of the chastity belt. Each couple will have access to as much lube as they want. The lady can tease by any means she wants, hands, feet, oral, vaginal, anal, ect...

Instructors will be there to guide the lady through keeping the men on edge the entire class. It is the males responsibility to produce as much precum as possible. The minimum amount of precum needed before he is allowed to leave the class is four fluid ounces. However, this is just the minimum and the more the better.

The male will have five minutes to remove his erection to allow him to be re-locked. After five minutes, the lady will have to summon an ECS, Erection Control Specialist. The ECS will remove the erection and re-lock their cock.

The TOD video came to an end an Betty paused the video. She asked her son what he thought of the TOD. He said it would be nice to get out of the chastity belt, but was concerned about what would happen if he accidentally cum. Also how they would get the erection to go away with out cumming. Betty said that they would just have to find out, with a smirk.

Betty started the next section, Ball Busting. Jason was nervous about this one as he had only been hit in his balls once and now he will have a whole training class on his mom busting his balls. The lady started the video that BB is often times feared by the men, but soon they will realize the joys of having their balls busted rather then teased endlessly; and by the end of your resort stay both of you will have an appreciation for ball busting.

The male will have his hands tied behind his back before the chastity belt is removed. This will allow full access to his balls, plus with his cock hard it will give even more access to his balls. The lady said that if you are watching the video now with your male, take hold of his balls and have him read the screen and fill in the appropriate names.

I, ***YOUR NAME***, fully give control of my male possessions, my testicles, to my ***WIFE/MISTRESS/MOTHER/SISTER/DAUGHTER***, ***HER NAME***. My ***WIFE/MISTRESS/MOTHER/SISTER/DAUGHTER*** has full control to do whatever she wishes to my testicles at any time and for any reason. Now I, ***YOUR NAME*** request my ***WIFE/MISTRESS/MOTHER/SISTER/DAUGHTER*** squeeze each testicle separately for one minute to signify that ***HER NAME*** now owns these testicles.

Betty grabbed hold of her sons balls as Jason read out loud the script. “I, Jason, fully give control of my male possessions, my testicles, to my mother, Betty. My mother has full control to do whatever she wishes to my testicles at any time and for any reason. Now I, Jason request my mother squeeze each testicle separately for one minute to signify that Betty now owns these testicles.”

The lady now said the next part was for the lady to tell her locked male.

I, ***YOUR NAME***, accept my ***HUSBANDS/SLAVES/SONS/BROTHERS/FATHERS*** male possessions, his testicles. I will honor ***HIS NAME*** request to squeeze each of his testicles for one minute.

Betty read her line to Jason as she was hold his balls. “I, Betty, accept my son's male possessions, his testicles. I will honor Jason's request to squeeze each of his testicles for one minute.”

The TV now had a count down clock with the word left testicle. They lady on the TV said ready, go. Betty squeezed down on her son's left testicle. Jason reeled in pain as his mom was squeezing his one ball. What felt like an eternity had passed and before Jason had a chance to recover the screen now said right testicle and the count down clock. Again, the lady on the TV said ready, go. Jason again reeled in pain as his other ball was now under pressure.

By the time it was all over, the lady on TV congratulated both the women and the male that they have successfully completed the hardest step in BB, transfer of testicle ownership. Now in BB classes, the males balls will be measured before entering the class. He will be allowed to leave under two conditions, first his balls grow a minimum of 10% in diameter, per testicle. Note if only one ball has grown, he still needs to get the other ball larger. Option two is the ladies request her male be passed around the room for two kicks by each lady in class.

The male will be locked back in his chastity belt and if needed a ECS will remove any erection. Betty stopped the video and asked Jason how he felt. Jason said that his balls were a little sore from her squeezing. Betty cupped her son's balls and said this would be fun. Jason admitted to his mother that he was nervous about the ballbusting, but she reassured him there would be professional ball busters there to guide them.

Betty stared the video again and the lady, in a exuberant voice said now for the ladies favorite Pussy Eating. You male will learn to love your pussy as you experience wave after wave or orgasms. In this training the male will not be unlocked. This will keep his cock under control to maintain focus on your pussy.

The lady said that is a good time to establish a base line for your males oral skills and have your male eat your pussy for ten minutes. Keep track of the number of orgasms and how powerful the orgasms are. In each room is a special chair which will allow you sit comfortably with your male lying down under your pussy. The chair has instructions to adjust the height for the best results.

Betty paused the video and started to take off her bikini bottom. Jason asked what she was doing, as how could he give oral sex to his mother. Betty said that they were here for the full experience and to get under the chair. Jason was now staring at his mothers neatly trimmed pussy as he was getting under the chair.

Betty sat in the chair and adjusted the height so Jason could not move his head. Jason mouth and tongue had nowhere to go but his mom's pussy. She started the video backup which now had a ten minute clock on it. Jason began to lick, to the best of his ability, his mom's pussy. Having never given oral sex before, it was not that great.

After the ten minutes Betty got up from the chair and Jason was covered in her juices. The lady on the video gave an example of how much training would be needed based on their orgasm abilities. However, with proper motivation the male will improve greatly. Before you tell your man how the oral sex was, please add up your points.

10+ orgasms : 5 Points
5-9 orgasms : 3 Points
2-4 orgasms : 2 Points
0-1 orgasm : 1 Point

Extremely powerful orgasm: 5 Points
Powerful orgasm: 3 Points
Regular orgasm : 2 Points
No orgasm : 1 Point

Now tell your male how many points he has earned in each field. Betty told Jason that he got one point for giving her one orgasm and two points as it was a regular orgasm, his total was three points. On the screen now was total point example.

10 Points : Standard training
7-9 Points : Enhanced training
4-6 Points : Advanced training
2-3 Points : Extreme training

The lady said to not worry if your male was an under performer, with their training they will have him melting your pussy with their tongue. Plus they will show you how to control his tongue with our specialized testicle commands. In PE, only you can decide when to leave the class, however, we do reserve the right to limit each lady six hours if there is a waiting line. As we said this was all the ladies favorite class, second to ballbusting.

Betty paused the video to clean up her son's face. She wiped her fingers around his mouth and face gathering up all the juices and stuck it back in his mouth. She said that he will have a lot of work to do to get better in PE. Jason blushed a little as he said that he would try to be come a better pussy eater, Betty chuckled.

The video resumed with ruined orgasms. In this class we will drain the male but still keep him on edge. This is very closely supervised class as there is a great potential for orgasm. As with the TOD, the male will be tied down and the chastity belt removed. Each couple will have ROS, Ruined Orgasm Specialist, with them to make sure there is no full orgasm.

You will bring your man to the edge as many times as you want and when he needs one more push to orgasm you will let go. Now watch as he struggles to get one one touch and as you watch his cock dribble out his ruined orgasm. Now start the process all over again. How many ruined orgasms can you get out of your male before he is dry? Only you will know.

If by chance you go one too far and he starting to get a full orgasm the ROS will show you how to stop his orgasm with post orgasm torture. This can include non-stop stroking, cock head rolling, and repeated ball punching with you on one testicle and the ROS on the other. He will learn to hold back his orgasm for you and let you properly ruin it.

The male can leave the RO class when he has completed five properly ruined orgasms or ten post orgasms that have been ruined. Remember the RO training is for the male benefit, he gets the chastity belt removed, a release from his cock, and pressure removed from his balls. Once complete the chastity belt will be put back on.

They lady said that this concluded the guide to each of the training for TOD, BB, PE, and RO; and a reminder that they are open 24 hours a day. Betty turned off the TV and looked as Jason and asked what he thought of the resort so far and if he was excited to get to training. Jason admitted he was a bit scared, but if other guys could do this he could do this.

Betty, having agreed let Jason pick what to do the rest of the day, agreed to stay in the room the rest of the evening. They ordered room service and again his menu was all food with viagra. They ate dinner out on the patio over looking the couples pool. They could see all the men giving oral to their ladies. Jason and his viagra powered cock was straining in the chastity belt.

While out on the patio, Betty started to play with her pussy. Jason could help but notice as his cock tried to grow even harder in the chastity belt. Betty looked at his clear chastity belt with no where for his cock to go. She took some of her pussy juice and massaged it on his balls. Jason was on the edge and his mom was not helping. She stopped massaging his balls and decided to call it an night and to get ready for bed as they next 30 days will be the best.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Chastity Vacation

Sorry for the delay.  Shortly after my last post, my car got rear ended.  Not fast and not a lot of damage.  Then about 2 months later, T-boned.  Slow speed not injured but more damage then before.  So I have been dealing with that.

This is I guess a part one of many.  However, as you will read it is quite long now and is really part 1 of 30.  Actually this is more of a preface and part 1 would be next.  So I am really putting on the pressure to continue this story.

As for the other story with the whole has not even been started yet.  But the idea and characters are in my head.

Also, still looking for a lady who would accept an offer to hold the keys to my chastity belt?  The longer I am locked up the more updates to the for you it is a win win.  Details can be discussed privately, my email is on the right side of the screen.

For now, enjoy Chastity Vacation


Betty was a natural dominatrix while Jason was a natural submissive. This would occasionally come out in their daily lives. Both of them, unknowingly, would be looking up femdom porn online. Jason spent most of his days fantasizing about being locked in chastity. In fact he ordered a chastity belt but held the key himself and hid the other.

One day Betty, found one of the keys and she knew right away what it was for. She put it back and thought about what she could do with this. She did some research and found a special private resort. It specialized in training women to be dominate over men. She was not sure how it would work out as this was her son, so she called to make sure it would be OK.

When she called, the phone was answered by a very happy lady. She explained her situation with her son and how she wanted to bring him there as a surprise. The said it would not be problem and in fact she was not the first mother and son to attend and that they even have had families come to the resort on vacation. She booked a one month special with advanced training.

Betty told her son about the vacation, but neglected to tell him the true nature of the vacation. She did tell him, that this resort was clothing optional and they must arrive before 10am. Jason was a little nervous about clothing optional, but was thrilled about the month long vacation just before he went to college. They were both looking forward to the vacation. Soon the date had arrived and they were on their way to the resort.

They arrived at the resort a little after 9am and walked into the lobby to check in. They were greeted by a lady who told them to leave their bags behind the front desk and they will taken to the room. Jason asked why they had to get here so early. She said that they have to go through a body treatment for half the day to prep their bodies if they want to be nude.

Betty finished paying for the month long retreat, and the lady gave Betty the keys and told them to go to separate wings of the building for their treatment and they could meet after. Jason was greeted by an attractive young lady who walked him to the changing room. She told him to take off his clothes and lie face down on the table and she would return in a bit.

Jason, a bit nervous, removed all of his clothes. However, his cock hag gotten rock hard and he knew it would be difficult to lie down on the table with his hard cock. He got up to the table and surprised to see a hole in the table where his cock would be. He knew he was not the first to have a hard cock and lie down on the table.

Jason was on the table when the lady returned. She introduced her self as Nurse Mary and told him to relax as she would prep his body for a month of relaxation. Jason, who's cock was still hard, said great and looked forward to relaxing massage.

Nurse Mary started to massage Jason and he was getting more relaxed. She told him to turn over, and now Jason got real nervous and hesitated. The nurse, told him not to worry about his hard penis as it was normal. He turned over and she worked the front of his body. Soon his cock was slowly getting soft in the relaxed environment.

Jason was almost a sleep when she stopped. The nurse stopped and took long look at his cock and balls, now that they have returned to a normal size. Jason started to come out of his trance and asked what she was looking at. She told him that she was measuring him up for the chastity belt. This got Jason out of his trance.

He was shocked at what she said. Before he could say anything, she stopped him and told him that if he refused he and his mother would be escorted off the resort and they would lose all of the money they paid in addition to a 50% fee for cancellation. She showed him the approval form that his mother signed. He did was not sure what to do as his mother approved this and did not want to be responsible for the refusal.

She told him to sit on the edge of the table with his legs spread open. He moved to the edge of the table and spread his legs. In one hand she gabbed his cock and on the other cupped his balls. She told him that there were five sizes and each was color coded. She she took out a pink cage and secured it around his balls and over his cock.

Jason knew what this felt like as he had worn his own chastity belt for some time. She inspected the belt and said that all she needs was the sign off from the doctor, and just as she said that in walked a older lady. She introduced herself as Dr. Judy and started to inspect his now locked cock. She told the nurse it was bit loose and to go one size smaller.

The Doctor left and the Nurse removed the pink one and pulled out a smaller clear chastity belt. While she was doing her work, Jason asked about the color code. She told him Black was Extra-Large, Red was Large, Yellow was Medium, Pink was Small, and Clear was Extra-Small. Jason asked why the clear for extra small and that the medium felt just as snug.

She told him that with the pink he could get a little hard in cage, while the clear will fully prevent any erections. She told him when he was on the table and his penis was in the hole it was measuring his fully erect penis.

She went on to tell him his penis was 7 inches when erect and 1 inch when soft. The pink cage was 2 inches long and would have allowed more then 10% of growth. So the clear one at 1.5 inches would keep his growth below 10%. Jason was not only shocked at his now tight cock lock, but that he was in the extra-small size.

As she was cleaning up, Jason asked her how many are in the clear cage. She thought about it for a minute and said that on the resort right now there are probably less then ten in the clear extra-small, she put an emphasis on extra-small. Jason looked down at the clear cover over his cock knowing it cannot get any bigger.

The Nurse finished up with Jason and told he was ready to go to his room and Betty would be waiting there for him. Jason looked in the closet for his clothes, but they had been removed and sent to the room. Before the Nurse left she told him there was a resort map on the table with how to get to his room.

He looked at the map and noticed he was on the far side of the resort. The map showed he had to take the path by the three large main pools, one marked single only, another marked couples only, and another marked sealed. He was not sure about the pool called sealed, but he would see it on the the way to the room. Also on the map were some buildings with some names on them TOD, BB, PE, RO, and TR.

He left the room and tried to sneak around the halls when he made it to the outdoor entrance. He opened the door and there was courtyard with a few dozen women either naked or topless and all the men locked in chastity. He looked around and saw no clear cages, but it was hard for him to no notice all the topless or nude women.

His cock tried to get hard, but just as soon as the blood started to flow, it was met with resistance of the cage. He stayed to the edges of the path trying to hide his cock. Then there were three ladies who were on the path walking towards him. They were older and all were just wearing bikini bottoms. Jason froze as they walked up to him and past him.

He was shocked that they did not say anything and this raised his confidence a bit. He continued on the path passing a few guys and a few ladies. He only caught two ladies looking at his cock, but he was sure they noticed he was staring at them. He made it to a sign that said he was at the singles pool.

He entered the pool area and there was about 20 girls to every 1 guy. As soon as he walked in, he was noticed by a three younger, but older then him ladies. They instantly commented him on his clear chastity belt. Jason started to blush as they said that this was the first time they saw a clear cage. They started to flirt with Jason who tried to keep on a path out of the pool area.

He was stopped about a dozen times by different ladies of all ages, younger and older, to look him over. Only a few had not seen a clear cage. He made it out of the singles pool and soon was at the entrance to the couple's pool. There was a bypass pathway for those not a couple or to just pass the pool area quicker.

He took the bypass path which passed some of the other buildings he saw on the map. He looked into the couple's pool area and saw a lot of the guys massaging ladies, or giving orgasms to the ladies. Next he was at the sealed pool. This was the pool he was curious about. He entered the pool area and it looked like any other pool, similar to the couple's pool.

Then he noticed a sign on the wall. This area was for guys that had sealed the deal with their keyholder and are in permanent chastity. He looked around the pool area and was impressed with how many guy were in the sealed pool. It was more even to girls to guys then the single's pool, but maybe 3 girls to each guy.

He was stopped by a younger girl, maybe a few years young then him. She was impressed with his clear chastity belt. She was kind of excited he was not sealed as she was there with her family and was forced to stay at the sealed pool area since her dad was sealed. She rubbed his balls and cock cage and said she looked forward to seeing him around the resort.

Jason finally made it the lodge building. There were two elevators, one for men and one for females and couples. He entered the elevator to walls of screens to look like a fish tank and soft music. He selected the top floor and the doors closed. As soon as the doors closed the screens no longer were showing the fish tank but not pron and the music has stopped and was just females having orgasms.

Jason was trapped in a porn elevator that took about 30 seconds per floor. His floor was the 10th floor. His cock was trying to get a mind of its own with the over stimulation. He was trying his best when he finally heard the ding of the elevator and the screens and music went back to normal as the doors opened.

Jason got to the room and realized he did not have a key to the room. He knocked on the door and he heard his mother ask who it was. Jason answered his mother through the door. She said one minute and she started to open the door.

She opened the door in nothing but a bikini bottom. Jason just stood there in shock and his mother started to scold him to get in the room. She looked at his locked cock and said wow, it all fit in there. She asked him why he chose a clear cage as she saw all the other guys were in colored cages. He was now really embarrassed to tell his mother about his small cock.

He figured he would lie and told her it was his choice so she could see it better. She bought it, for now, and thanked him for thinking of her. She told him they had a great view of the couples pool and the suite was fully stocked. She told him they had a introductory welcome video to watch.

The both sat on the couch and turned on the TV and it went right into the welcome video. It started with a female tell both of them to make themselves comfortable at the resort and they could pause the video at any time. Next the voice said to make sure the lady has replaced the temporary lock with the approved resort lock.

Betty paused the video and got up and went to the table to grab a stainless steel lock. Jason did not even notice but the lock on his chastity belt was just a thin piece of plastic the his mother broke with small tug. She placed on the lock on his cock and it made a loud click. He looked at the lock and engraved was, “Betty's Cock” and a serial number.

Betty resumed the video. The voice said that first time guest will take about two days to adjust to being nude and to take it easy at first. She also said the serial number on the lock is like a room charge card and when the male needs to buy something he just need to have the staff member read the serial number and it will charge the rooms account.

Next she said she was going to talk about chastity rules at the resort. First, was while at the resort, the chastity cage will not be removed unless in training. Second was how the colors worked, now Jason got nervous. On the screen it showed the colors and what size each was. The voice said that most men will lie about how they got what color they are in and it was up to the lady to decided what to do about it and they are not sure they can wait and consult with a trainer. Betty paused the video and looked at Jason and asked to him tell her how he really got in a clear.

Jason told his mother that his cock was 7 inches when hard and the pink cage was just a bit too big and the clear would offer less then 10% growth which was required. She looked closer at her sons locked cock and sure enough, there was about an half of an inch of room. She blew on his cock and the space was quickly filled up. She chuckled and resumed the video

The female voice went on about the pools. Mostly standard safety rules, however at the couple's pool there was one added rule. The locked male has to provide to their lady one orgasm upon entry, one every hour, and one with in 15 minutes of leaving.

Next was about the packages. The Basic was one training session at any one building per day. The Basic Plus was upto two training sessions at a choice of two different buildings per day. Standard was up to three training sessions at any building per day. Finally was the Advanced was unlimited sessions at any building and one on one private training, when available. Betty paused the video to tell Jason they have the Advanced training package.

She resumed the video where it talked about each building at its specialty. First was the TOD. Teasing and Orgasm Denial. This will teach you how to make your man into mush and he will beg to do anything to get a release. With extended teasing sessions, endless stroking, and more your mans will be begging to be released.

Next was the BB. Now that your man is mush from the TOD, turn his balls into mush with Ball Busting . Here you can explore all you ever wanted to know about balls and our trainers are here to make you expert ball busters and testicle torturers. Your man will beg to have the pain stop in his balls

Now that you man is on edge from TOD and his balls busted from BB, he will worship your pussy in PE, Pussy Eating. He will learn on our trainers experienced pussy's who will motivate him by his balls. By the time he first licks your pussy he will have become and expert at eating you to orgasm.

By now his balls will be overflowing from eating so much pussy. While we can keep him locked up, we need to provide some fluid release in RO, Ruined Orgasm. This can be done one of two ways, either pressure on the prostate or our specialty is ruining from the cock. You will learn to let go at the right time to make his cum dribble out of his cock before it is time to be locked back up.

This is the standard training buildings. There is one more advanced building that will only be offered to ladies and men who have been annual guest for a minimum of 10 years. This is the TR, or Testicle Removal building. Here the lady will pick which method of castration she will perform. We have burdizzo, elastrator, popping, and injection. If you are not sure which one, you can setup a consult with a castratrix.

This was the conclusion of the video. Betty was slowly rubbing herself while Jason was not sure what to think. He looked over to his mom who was smiling and glowing. She told him that she would be nice and would let him pick what they wanted to do on the first afternoon after they got lunch.

Jason said that he would just like to stay in the room to review some of the guides and recommendations. Not that he really knew what he would pick, but just did not want to pick at all. Betty said OK and said to get ready to go the cafe for lunch and they can talk about the next month. She chuckled saying well you have everything you need taking a quick grab of lock.

Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Story...Delayed

Sorry for the delay but the Holidays and all have pushed it back.  Family and all...

Working on a group of captions and a short story coming out next.  Then a longer one, maybe not as long as Mother and Son Vacation, but more then my standard story.

The longer one will be Mother and Daughters ballbusting Father, Son, and Brothers.  This will be the most characters in one story and a lot of different ballbusting between generations.

I do have a question I read on another site, that I cannot find now.

What roles do you like the characters to be in?

Female in charge/power from the beginning
Female accepting her power, ie topping from the bottom till they take control of the male

Male subservient to the female, ie no questions asked
Male resisting the female and then accepting

Any others I cannot think of?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mother Keyholder

This is a quick story.  Pretty simple and the ending is your choice.  It might be something I continue...but for now it is complete.


Ryan was your normal teenager...well not really. He did have a thing for being locked in chastity. He would read stories and watch video of guys locked in chastity and their keyholder having all the power. It took sometime, but Ryan ordered his own chastity belt. He was excited and a bit nervous how it would feel.

When it arrived he spent the next few months trying it on and finding the perfect fit. He was able to go at first one night before taking it off for a day or two. Then he progressed to having it on for a week solid. He mastered how to clean it and keep all his bits and pieces in order with out having to take it off. However, he was his own keyholder.

It was a Friday afternoon and he had just locked his cock away; still he was his own keyholder. Maybe it was his balls but he got the idea to ask his mom, Lucy, to be his keyholder. He would ask her to hold the keys for the weekend and to get the keys back on Sunday night. He tried to think of all the scenarios that could play out.

Shortly after dinner, Lucy was in the kitchen cleaning up when Ryan sat back down at the table. His mouth was bone dry and took a drink of water. Lucy noticed him and sat down at the table with him in concern. Ryan, holding the keys to his chastity, gulped as he knew the next words out of his mouth would change everything.

Ryan put the keys on the table and ask his mom to be his keyholder. Lucy was confused as she did not know what the keys were for as she asked him what they were for. Ryan took a deep breath and explained how he liked to be locked in chastity. Lucy slowly smiled and took hold of the keys. For the first time Ryan no longer had possession of his own keys.

Lucy and Ryan talked about his chastity as she was playing with the keys. After sometime, Lucy asked Ryan if she could see it to make sure it will be secure and safe. Ryan slowly took off his pants to show his mom his locked cock. He showed her how he can wash himself and maintain proper hygiene.

While Ryan was showing his mom his chastity belt his cock was getting hard, well trying to get hard. Lucy noticed this and showed concern for her son's well being. Ryan said it was normal and safe. Ryan asked his mom if she wanted to feel it to make sure it was all secure and safe. Lucy slowly took hold of her sons cock cage.

She examined it and twisted it slightly to make sure it was secure and to also make sure there was no chance of injury. Ryan was in a state of bliss, his mom was holding his locked cock and the keys to set him free. Lucy moved her hands to his balls and lifted them and asked her son how long he wanted her to hold the keys.

As his mom was holding his balls he said for the weekend. Lucy, still holding her son's balls, said no. Ryan was disappointed that his mom would not be his keyholder. Before he could continue his next thought, Lucy said that she would keep the keys for a week. Ryan was shocked.

Ryan did not know what to say. Lucy let go of his balls and told him that was her offer and to take it or leave it. Ryan knowing that this might be his only chance accepted the offer of one week in chastity. Lucy smiled and dangled the keys in front of his locked cock. Ryan did not know what he got himself into.

Ryan went back to his room to get redressed and before he could his mom walked in with just her bra and panties on and told why bother to cover up, she knew what he was “hiding” and plus she could keep an eye on him. Ryan knew he was in trouble. He had been locked up by himself for a week before but with no teasing. He noticed the key on her necklace and he felt his cock twitch and his balls boil.

It was Monday night when Ryan asked his mom for the keys. Lucy took hold of her son's balls, looked him in the eyes and said “no”. Ryan tried to protest, but his mom stopped him first by giving a small squeeze to his balls and then told him that he agreed to a week. She let go of her son's balls and asked him if he had anything else to say. Ryan left the room no knowing he was to securely locked up till Friday night.

During the week Lucy would walk around the house in the underwear. Lucy would check up on Ryan numerous time which only caused more pressure on his cock and balls. One day Lucy noticed that Ryan's cock was leaking precum. She laughed saying that her son's balls were over flowing.

Friday Ryan walked into the kitchen to find his mom working on dinner. She told him to sit down as dinner was just about ready. He was there to ask other questions, but sat down anyway. After dinner she told Ryan to clean up the table and she would be in the family room. Ryan watched his mom walk away with the key.

After he cleaned up the kitchen he walked in to the family room with his mom patting her hand on the couch for him to sit next to her. He sat down next to his mom staring at the key resting in between her breasts. Lucy said she was glad he asked her to hold the key. She did say that she was a bit disappointed that he asked to be released early.

Ryan apologized saying it would not happen again. Lucy smiled tell him she already knew that. She then told her son that she will continue to hold his key. Ryan started to protest again, but Lucy told him to stop. She reminded him what he just said would not happen again. Plus she said that he had become much better in doing chores and special jobs for her around the house.

Ryan asked if he would get let out at sometime. Lucy quickly said that he will have the chance for release. Ryan became relieved as he heard this, but then realized it was a chance for release. He quietly asked how he will get a release. Lucy told him he had a choice.

First choice was he will remained locked up for a total of 30 days. After 30 days he will have another 30 days, still locked up, to perform good deeds. In that time frame he will have to have earned a total of 60 good deeds. Also note that you can earn bad deeds from day 1-60, so you could start the 31st day in the negative. If you fail to earn the 60 good deeds; the calendar starts over at day 1 and all previous deeds, good and bad, reset.

Second choice was a game of chance and you can start today. We will have 30 blue marbles, 1 white marble, and 1 red marble. Now there will be a pick everyday, either Ryan or Lucy, depending on who picks will determine what happens.
   Ryan Picks:
      White: One day out of chastity and one release. Game restarts at lock up the next day.
      Blue: No release and the blue marble is removed.
      Red: Chastity removed for one day, no release. Game restarts at lock up the next day.
    Lucy Picks:
      White: One day out chastity and many releases. Game restarts at lock up the next day.
      Blue: No release and the blue marble is added back.
      Red: No release and no picks by anyone for seven days.
      BONUS WHITE: Lucy picks white Ryan agrees to put the white marble back, no more marbles added or removed. The next day Lucy picks again; if it is white Ryan get as many releases as he wants performed by Lucy. Any other color; no picks by anyone for 30 days and game resets.

Before Ryan could answer, Lucy did tell her son the game of chance had is best chance for release and in fact he could get released today if he picks a white marble. Lucy asked if he had any questions and to make a decision in the next hour.

Ryan asked if at any point he could change from one to the other. Lucy told him that if he wanted a change, it would be six months of lock up and then the new one will start. Ryan walked to his room to think about his two choices. He held his balls locked in chastity as his cock started to show a drop of precum.

After the hour was up, his mom came to his room. She sat on the bed as her son stood up next to her. She slowly grabbed his balls and asked what choice he had made. Ryan looked at his mom's eyes and down to her breasts and the key hanging in between them. He felt a bit of pain as his mom put more pressure on his balls.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


This is not a story but a interesting thing I noticed and I have a question that needs to be answered...truthfully.  They are kind of related.

First, I seem to lose my motivation for writing stories or working on captions when I keep to my regular orgasm schedule.  If I stop masturbating or masturbate but do not orgasm...there is a lot more activity here or work being  done in the back ground.

Second, a few questions, and this relates to the first part.  How many ladies read this blog/site?  Now this is for the ladies only, would you accept an offer to hold the keys to my chastity belt?  The longer I am locked up the more updates to the for you it is a win win.  Details can be discussed and will note on the site of any updates, keyholders, and status.

You do not have to answer in a reply to this post, my email is on the right side of the page in the "about me".

New Captaions

New Captions