Sunday, December 7, 2014

Surpise Part 3

Scott walked in to the room with his mother. His wife and daughter both greeted her and showed her the key to his chastity belt. They explained to her they each had a different key for the special lock which required both keys to open. His mother reached for his chastity belt and started to inspect it as they were talking.

She was smiling the entire time while her son’s cock was rock hard and dripping precum. After some time she let go of the belt and asked what she need to do. Lisa looked as Scott and told him to ask nicely. He looked at his mother and again asked if she would please bust his balls. His mother asked how long she will have to bust his balls, before she finished Lisa said at least four hours.

His mother smiled and told everyone she never thought she would hear anyone ask to have their balls busted. Lisa said he had a choice, he earn his cum chance now and then have his balls busted or have his balls busted now and earn his cum chance after. He looked at his daughter, his wife, and his mother.

As he was looking at his mother he said he would rather cum after. Grace giggled and told him she hoped they still worked after being busted. His mother was starting to get into it and asked him which ball was his favorite. Scott reached down rolling his balls in his hand; he looked in to his mother’s eyes and said his right ball.

His mother smiled and asked Lisa if he should be locked in his chastity belt or free. Lisa asked Grace since she had the other key. They both agreed he should be unlocked to allow more access to his balls. They both unlocked his chastity belt.

Grace removed the cage and Scott’s cock sprang from it cage. This was the first time he had been let out in over four months. His cock was rock hard even though he was in nude in front of his mother, daughter, and wife. He tried to cover himself, but his wife told him to move his hands behind his back and leave them there.

His mother walked up to her son and grab his right testicle. At first she was squeezing lightly. She leaned into her son and said that she was thankful he wanted her to bust his balls. As she was talking she greatly increased the pressure on his right testicle. Scott was wincing in pain.

While she was squeezing his right testicle she said to her granddaughter to squeeze his left testicle. Grace jumped up and grabbed the left one. She did not start out easy on his left testicle. Scott could not believe it, his mom had one testicle and his daughter had the other.

They kept squeezing their own ball for about 5 minutes. Once they let go, Scott let out a breath of relief. His wife laughed saying it was now her turn to start on his balls. She walked up and grabbed his balls. Rather then grabbing the balls, she took her thumb and fingers of each hand and pinched the cords that connect the testicles to his body.

This was a new pain sensation for Scott. The nerves in the cord are very sensitive and have little to no protection. Lisa could feel the pulse of he husbands balls as she squeezed down on his cords. She let go after about 10 minutes.

The day of ballbusting went on for more then the four hours. Each kicking, kneeing, stomping, punching, slapping, and coming up with new methods to torture Scott's balls. After the last kick from his mother, they agreed he had earned a chance to cum.

Scott started to protest as what it was just a chance to cum. He did not pay attention when they said it was a chance to cum, not a guarantee. They all thought of a game to both tease him and give him a chance. Lisa came up with the best idea, and they all loved it.

They walked up to Scott and told him the game he will get to play to earn his orgasm. Lisa smiled and said he will be blind folded and either his mother, daughter, or Lisa would suck his cock or put his cock in their pussy. He would have 5 seconds to guess who it was.

Once he guessed, the blind fold would be removed to see if he was right. If he is wrong they would slap his balls and the next round would start. If he was right they would start the next round. He would need to get 20 correct to get a full orgasm and if he guessed wrong 5 times he would be locked back up for another month to try again.

Once Lisa finished with the rules of the game, they all stripped nude. Scott was dripping precum from his rock hard cock. They blindfolded him and started the game. Scott felt someone grab his cock, they started sucking, and after 5 second he had to guess. He guess it was his wife. The blind fold was removed and he was correct.

His wife laughed a little saying that he deserved an easy one for the first one and put the blindfold back on. Now his cock was in a pussy, after 5 seconds he guessed his wife. The blindfold was removed and it was his mother. She slapped his balls before putting the blindfold back on.

Now his cock was getting sucked and he guess his daughter. He was wrong, it was his wife again. She slapped his balls and put the blindfold back on. He felt his cock sliding into a pussy, he knew this had to be his daughter since it was tight. He guess his daughter and was correct.

Now he felt his cock be sucked, he had no idea. He guess his wife, it was his daughter. She slapped his balls and put the blindfold back on. Again he someone was sucking his cock. He guessed his mother and it was his daughter again.

They all laughed saying he had only one wrong guess left and he will loose his orgasm. He cock entered a pussy and he guess his mother. He was correct. Now it was sucked, he guess his mother and he was correct. Again sucking and he guess his mother again, he was correct.

They congratulated him on having a winning streak going. Now he felt a pussy, he guessed his mother. He knew he was wrong when he heard her laugh from across the room. His wife slapped his balls for being wrong.

He was begging to be allowed to cum. Lisa said he should have tried harder and he could have earned his orgasm. His daughter left the room to grab a bag of ice to get hos cock to shrink to fit back into the chastity belt.

Once his cock was able to fit into the chastity belt, he was still begging to be allowed to have an orgasm. His mother placed the lock on the chastity belt and with a loud click, he lost his chance to cum. She said she will be looking forward to next four months when he gets to play again for a chance to cum.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Slowing working my way back

I am slowing working my way back to writing stories.  It is hard to come up with "new" ideas for mother/son or daughter/father ballbusting, CBT, femdom, and chastity scenarios.  All of my ideas seem to converge into previous stories or situations.  If this is OK, then I might be able to get some new stories out sooner.

In the mean time I did complete a batch of new captions.  NEW CAPTIONS 12.06.14

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Taking a break

I will be taking a break for a little while, maybe till the end of the year.  I just got a huge job offer in my real life and I am taking it.  So I want to focus on that for the time being.

This being said, I might find a weekend here or there to make some updates.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Earning it

This is a shorter story.  I did not focus a lot on character development and skimmed over some of the "back story" and went more on the end of it.  Enjoy.

Steve had been locked in chastity since his daughter was born. His wife, Lisa, was his key holder and let him out twice a year, his birthday and their anniversary. Their daughter, Nicole, was growing up and often say her dad with the chastity belt on. When she got old her mom explained it in more detail to her.

When Nicole was a teenager she started to tease her father more and more, with her mothers encouragement. Soon she was given the second key to her dads chastity belt. She wore it on a necklace like her mom did. Steve would have to put up to his wife and daughters tortures.

Steve had not been released for over six months when his daughter came up with an idea for a game. Every month he would be unlocked and given the chance to orgasm. Nicole told the details to her mom first who loved it and wanted to start right away.

Lisa and Nicole started to explain the details to Steve. First, he would spend two hours giving oral sex to each of them. After he would be unlocked and numbing cream would be rubbed on his penis. Then two condoms would be placed on his penis. He would then get to have sex with either his wife or daughter.

They decided that he would have six tries before his lock up was permanent. Each try would be timed and as it went on, the time would be reduced. First would be three minutes, then a reduction of 30 seconds for every time after. The order of sex would be his wife the first time and then his daughter.

Lisa and Nicole each stripped off their clothes and had Steve give them numerous orgasms. After, his daughter unlocked her dads chastity belt and his cock got rock hard once it was free of the cage. She started to rub his cock with the numbing cream and put the two condom on. By this point Steve could barely feel anything on his cock. Lisa was bent over the bed waiting for Steve to start.

Steve put his numbed double condom cock in his wifes pussy as Nicole started the count down. Steve was thrusting as hard as he could, but could not feel thing. Lisa, on the other hand, could feel everything and was in bliss. Nicole was counting down the time, calling out every 30 seconds.

Nicole did a 10 second count down to the stop of the time. When the time ended she grabbed her dads balls and pulled backward forcing him to stop and pull out of her mom. Steve had tried as hard as he could, but did not cum. He could not feel a thing on his numbed and double condom cock.

Lisa relocked Steve in his chastity belt and wished him better luck next month. Too tease him more, Lisa and Nicole were going to stay nude around the house. As the month went on, Steve was leaking precum and his cock was as hard as it could get in the cage. Lisa and Nicole laughed saying that it had the chance to cum and did not.

The next month arrived and Steve was performing his oral sex on his wife and daughter. Once he was finished, Lisa unlocked him and number his cock. While she was putting on the condoms, she told him that he might have a better chance since Nicole had a tighter pussy. Nicole was on the bed waiting for her dad.

Steve put his numbed double condom cock in his daughters pussy as Lisa started the count down from 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Steve gave it everything he could and was trying to cum as his wife was counting down the last 10 seconds. When the time was up, Lisa grabbed his balls to pull him out. Nicole relocked him and wished him better luck next month.

As the last month approached Steve was dripping precum constantly, his cock was pushing the cage in all directions. Lisa prepped Steves cock with the numbing cream and double condoms. Nicole was waiting for her dads last chance to cum. As Steve started, Lisa began the count down calling out every second.

At the end Steve did not cum as his wife grabbed his balls to pull him out. Nicole was thrilled to be locking her dad up forever. They put the chastity belt back on Steve and told him Nicole would do the honors of making it permanent.

They had another key for a different lock that fit inside his lock but did not unlock it Nicole took some industrial adhesive and put in on the inside of the lock where the key goes. She took the bad key and put it in the lock and showed Steve that it did not work on his lock.

With a quick twist of her wrist she snapped the key off, leaving part of the key in the lock. Now the wrong key was stuck in the lock with no where to grab it to pull it out and it was also glued in. Nicole took a little more adhesive and put it on the top of the broken key sealing it in the lock. When she was finished, Lisa and Nicole both gave him his old chastity keys saying they are his now.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Beach Vacation

My life was pretty dull for 6th grader, wake up, go to school, get yelled at, go home, eat, and sleep. My dad worked at a local travel agency and was always looking for travel deals for his customers. My mom stayed at home to do, I guess doing mom things. And then there is my little sister who was 4 years younger then me. Pretty simple and boring. One day my dad came home yelling and screaming that he had won a trip to a private Caribbean island. We were all excited, since we live in Montana, and it is still winter. We were leaving in 2 weeks.

We were so excited when we were getting on the airplane. When we got there we were the only guests on the island. The island was fairly large and had beautiful beaches. After we settled in we were in a routine of getting up and going to the ocean for a swim. Well on this day mom had a different plan. She wanted to go to the other side of the island and have a picnic. We got there and setup, I busied my self with the sand and water. Then I noticed that my mom was not wearing her bikini top, now I knew that my mom had a rack, but she was hot. Then my dad took off his swim trunks. I walked over, trying to hide my semi-erect penis and asked what was going on. My mom replied that we were the only people on the island, so why not. And she told me to take my swim trunks off. I hesitated, but she persisted and said look at how much fun your sister is having with out her bathing suit.

After I got my swim trunks off, my dick was fully erect. Even when it was fully erect it could not match the length and girth of my dads. I tried to cover myself but it proved pointless when we were playing catch. After we ate I got in an argument with my mom about cleaning up. I decided to go for a walk down the beach to cool myself off. I was about 150 yards away when I got tired and decide to lie down. I fell asleep under some palm trees.

Then my nap came to a sudden end with a sharp pain to my balls. I looked up and it was my mom. She had her foot firmly planted on my balls. She said that it was rude of me to walk away, told me to come back, in one minute, or I was in line for some for some more ball punishments. Then she kicked my balls again. And said hurry up, and walked away. I struggled to my feet and look around and noticed that I was no condition to run back to the picnic site. I knew she had set me up.

I got back to the picnic site, and noticed my dad rolling on the ground holding his balls. I knew what had happened to him. I asked my mom what was going on and she said that, dad started touching your sister in here private places and I gave him his just desserts. Now she looked at me and looked at her imaginary watch on her wrist, noting that I took too long. I said that I am sorry, but it was too late. She came over to me, pulling my hands down to there side and told me to leave them there. She said that your dad’s punishment will be to have balls available for any one to do with what they want to them. And that his son, you, will be under control of your sister. With that she kneed me in my balls.

I fell to the sand holding my balls. My sister then walked up to me and said that I was her play toy. She pulled me up and placed me next to my dad. She said open your legs. I did quickly thinking that the better I follow her orders the nicer she will be. She held my balls and my dad’s balls and rolled them around. She ordered both of us to face each other. We did and both our balls were same height. Then my sister got behind me and my mom behind dad, and punched our balls into each other at the same time. I fell down clutching my manhood.

My mom grabbed my dad’s balls and dragged him back to the rental house. She told me and my sister to have fun playing on the beach with my balls and to come in when we were done playing. I looked up at my sister while she was looking down at my balls.

She told me to get on all fours with my but in the air so she could have easier access to my balls while she got the beach bag. I protested that my balls were sore and could not take anymore. She told to do it or else she would tell mom and she would make it worse. I did as my little sister told in fear of what my mom would do to me.

I positioned myself as she requested, with the heat of the beach my balls were hanging really low which gave my sister more access to them. She returned with the beach bag and thanked me for being quick with getting into position.

She looked in the bag to see what was there she could use on my balls. She pulled out a small plastic sand shovel. She slapped it on her hands and giggled with joy. She took hold of my balls and started to slap them with the plastic shovel. I lost count after 20, but she kept count. She stopped as she said 100.

I tried to fall over and protect my balls, but she had a firm grip on them. She put down the shovel and asked if balls could be popped. She took a ball in each hand and started to squeeze. I yelled in pain as the pressure was increased. She let up after a minute and let me fall down holding my balls.

After a few minutes she told me to get up and kneel in front of her with my legs spread open. I slowly got up and knelt before her with my legs spread. She took her bikini top and used it to tie my hands behind my back. She looked at my low hanging balls and said she was going to kick my balls ten times. If I fall over or try to protect my balls, she will start over.

She started her first kick as I watched her foot hit my balls. I grunted in pain. The next four kicks came in quick succession. Only five more I thought to my self. Her next kick was the worst. I tried to stay up but fell over in pain yelling about my balls. My sister laughed and said we need to start over.

After minute I got back on my knees and she started the kicking all over again. I was able to withstand all the way to kick number eight when we heard our mom call us back to the house. My sister said we would be there in a few minutes. She turned back to me and said that she lost count and would start over.

I tried to protest, but she insisted on starting over. She started the kicks again as my balls were now starting to swell up. She took her time talking about how my balls bounce around after she kicks them. Before her last kick she made me ask, rather beg, her to kick my balls. She thanked me and let her last kick fly into my balls.

I fell on my side curled up trying to comfort my balls. My sister started to clean up and pack up the beach bag. She pulled out our moms bikini top and tied it around my balls. She used it to pull me up to my feet. As we were walking back she held it like a leash, but it was attached to my balls.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New captions

Here are my latest captions.  It is a little break from the more time consuming stories.


Thursday, June 12, 2014


It was a normal Sunday afternoon, dad was on the sofa watching the game and mom was in the kitchen keeping her self busy. My sister was in her room playing with her dolls, and I was planning on the best way to pick on her. I got about 10 rubber bands and stood at her door and pulled a rubber band back and wham, right in the forehead. I quickly ran into my room and prepared for a counter attack.

I barricaded myself in my room for about ten minutes and nothing happened. I opened the door and walked towards my sister’s room. I was still prepared for an ambush, but nothing prepared me for what was about to happen. As I entered my sister’s room, she ran in front of me and kneed me in my balls. I crouched over in pain; she was confused in what happened. As I lay on the floor, she got scared and went to get mom for help.

I was still on the ground when, she came back with mom. She asked what had happened and I said that she hit me in my balls. My sister quickly yelled back that I had started it, which was correct. My mom looked at me, still on the floor, and said, “Get up; it is time we learned some new stuff today.”

I slowly stood up and sat on the bed next to my mom. She started talking about how it was time in our life to learn about boys and girls. She told us not to move and that she would be back in a minute. During this time my sister was yelling at me how this was my fault and that we were in big trouble.

When my mom returned she brought dad with her and they were both wearing robes. Then at the same time they both dropped their robes. I looked at my mom’s tits as well as her pussy. My sister looked at my dad’s giant cock and low balls. My told us to strip down to make us more comfortable. As we did I could not help but get a hard on, looking at my mom. My mom and sister stood on one side of the room and my dad and I stood on the other.

My mom told us that today will be about boys. She walked over to me and my dad and asked my sister if she had ever seen these before. She said no in a quite voice. My mom took me by my balls and said, “These are what you hit when you kneed your brother. These are called testicles, they are also known as balls, or nuts.” She also added that when you have a man by the balls you own that man.

When she said that she squeezed my poor balls with her hand until I almost cried. I winced in pain, and my sister noticed it. She let go of my balls and took hold of my dad’s balls. He quickly stood at attention and her hand grasped his balls. She said that these are full grown pair of balls. She squeezed his balls and his knees were buckling.

She let go and gave them a little slap. She looked at my sister and told her to grab my balls and her father’s balls to feel the difference. She grabbed my balls and squeezed a little, then she grabbed dad’s balls and squeezed a little harder and slapped his balls. She giggled with excitement.
She told my sister all about the boy’s anatomy, but focused on our balls. She told her that she was a ballbuster and had been bust dads balls for years; and that she had been waiting for this moment for years. Now she wanted to train my sister to be a balbuster as well.