Thursday, December 31, 2015

New Story...Delayed

Sorry for the delay but the Holidays and all have pushed it back.  Family and all...

Working on a group of captions and a short story coming out next.  Then a longer one, maybe not as long as Mother and Son Vacation, but more then my standard story.

The longer one will be Mother and Daughters ballbusting Father, Son, and Brothers.  This will be the most characters in one story and a lot of different ballbusting between generations.

I do have a question I read on another site, that I cannot find now.

What roles do you like the characters to be in?

Female in charge/power from the beginning
Female accepting her power, ie topping from the bottom till they take control of the male

Male subservient to the female, ie no questions asked
Male resisting the female and then accepting

Any others I cannot think of?

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Mother Keyholder

This is a quick story.  Pretty simple and the ending is your choice.  It might be something I continue...but for now it is complete.


Ryan was your normal teenager...well not really. He did have a thing for being locked in chastity. He would read stories and watch video of guys locked in chastity and their keyholder having all the power. It took sometime, but Ryan ordered his own chastity belt. He was excited and a bit nervous how it would feel.

When it arrived he spent the next few months trying it on and finding the perfect fit. He was able to go at first one night before taking it off for a day or two. Then he progressed to having it on for a week solid. He mastered how to clean it and keep all his bits and pieces in order with out having to take it off. However, he was his own keyholder.

It was a Friday afternoon and he had just locked his cock away; still he was his own keyholder. Maybe it was his balls but he got the idea to ask his mom, Lucy, to be his keyholder. He would ask her to hold the keys for the weekend and to get the keys back on Sunday night. He tried to think of all the scenarios that could play out.

Shortly after dinner, Lucy was in the kitchen cleaning up when Ryan sat back down at the table. His mouth was bone dry and took a drink of water. Lucy noticed him and sat down at the table with him in concern. Ryan, holding the keys to his chastity, gulped as he knew the next words out of his mouth would change everything.

Ryan put the keys on the table and ask his mom to be his keyholder. Lucy was confused as she did not know what the keys were for as she asked him what they were for. Ryan took a deep breath and explained how he liked to be locked in chastity. Lucy slowly smiled and took hold of the keys. For the first time Ryan no longer had possession of his own keys.

Lucy and Ryan talked about his chastity as she was playing with the keys. After sometime, Lucy asked Ryan if she could see it to make sure it will be secure and safe. Ryan slowly took off his pants to show his mom his locked cock. He showed her how he can wash himself and maintain proper hygiene.

While Ryan was showing his mom his chastity belt his cock was getting hard, well trying to get hard. Lucy noticed this and showed concern for her son's well being. Ryan said it was normal and safe. Ryan asked his mom if she wanted to feel it to make sure it was all secure and safe. Lucy slowly took hold of her sons cock cage.

She examined it and twisted it slightly to make sure it was secure and to also make sure there was no chance of injury. Ryan was in a state of bliss, his mom was holding his locked cock and the keys to set him free. Lucy moved her hands to his balls and lifted them and asked her son how long he wanted her to hold the keys.

As his mom was holding his balls he said for the weekend. Lucy, still holding her son's balls, said no. Ryan was disappointed that his mom would not be his keyholder. Before he could continue his next thought, Lucy said that she would keep the keys for a week. Ryan was shocked.

Ryan did not know what to say. Lucy let go of his balls and told him that was her offer and to take it or leave it. Ryan knowing that this might be his only chance accepted the offer of one week in chastity. Lucy smiled and dangled the keys in front of his locked cock. Ryan did not know what he got himself into.

Ryan went back to his room to get redressed and before he could his mom walked in with just her bra and panties on and told why bother to cover up, she knew what he was “hiding” and plus she could keep an eye on him. Ryan knew he was in trouble. He had been locked up by himself for a week before but with no teasing. He noticed the key on her necklace and he felt his cock twitch and his balls boil.

It was Monday night when Ryan asked his mom for the keys. Lucy took hold of her son's balls, looked him in the eyes and said “no”. Ryan tried to protest, but his mom stopped him first by giving a small squeeze to his balls and then told him that he agreed to a week. She let go of her son's balls and asked him if he had anything else to say. Ryan left the room no knowing he was to securely locked up till Friday night.

During the week Lucy would walk around the house in the underwear. Lucy would check up on Ryan numerous time which only caused more pressure on his cock and balls. One day Lucy noticed that Ryan's cock was leaking precum. She laughed saying that her son's balls were over flowing.

Friday Ryan walked into the kitchen to find his mom working on dinner. She told him to sit down as dinner was just about ready. He was there to ask other questions, but sat down anyway. After dinner she told Ryan to clean up the table and she would be in the family room. Ryan watched his mom walk away with the key.

After he cleaned up the kitchen he walked in to the family room with his mom patting her hand on the couch for him to sit next to her. He sat down next to his mom staring at the key resting in between her breasts. Lucy said she was glad he asked her to hold the key. She did say that she was a bit disappointed that he asked to be released early.

Ryan apologized saying it would not happen again. Lucy smiled tell him she already knew that. She then told her son that she will continue to hold his key. Ryan started to protest again, but Lucy told him to stop. She reminded him what he just said would not happen again. Plus she said that he had become much better in doing chores and special jobs for her around the house.

Ryan asked if he would get let out at sometime. Lucy quickly said that he will have the chance for release. Ryan became relieved as he heard this, but then realized it was a chance for release. He quietly asked how he will get a release. Lucy told him he had a choice.

First choice was he will remained locked up for a total of 30 days. After 30 days he will have another 30 days, still locked up, to perform good deeds. In that time frame he will have to have earned a total of 60 good deeds. Also note that you can earn bad deeds from day 1-60, so you could start the 31st day in the negative. If you fail to earn the 60 good deeds; the calendar starts over at day 1 and all previous deeds, good and bad, reset.

Second choice was a game of chance and you can start today. We will have 30 blue marbles, 1 white marble, and 1 red marble. Now there will be a pick everyday, either Ryan or Lucy, depending on who picks will determine what happens.
   Ryan Picks:
      White: One day out of chastity and one release. Game restarts at lock up the next day.
      Blue: No release and the blue marble is removed.
      Red: Chastity removed for one day, no release. Game restarts at lock up the next day.
    Lucy Picks:
      White: One day out chastity and many releases. Game restarts at lock up the next day.
      Blue: No release and the blue marble is added back.
      Red: No release and no picks by anyone for seven days.
      BONUS WHITE: Lucy picks white Ryan agrees to put the white marble back, no more marbles added or removed. The next day Lucy picks again; if it is white Ryan get as many releases as he wants performed by Lucy. Any other color; no picks by anyone for 30 days and game resets.

Before Ryan could answer, Lucy did tell her son the game of chance had is best chance for release and in fact he could get released today if he picks a white marble. Lucy asked if he had any questions and to make a decision in the next hour.

Ryan asked if at any point he could change from one to the other. Lucy told him that if he wanted a change, it would be six months of lock up and then the new one will start. Ryan walked to his room to think about his two choices. He held his balls locked in chastity as his cock started to show a drop of precum.

After the hour was up, his mom came to his room. She sat on the bed as her son stood up next to her. She slowly grabbed his balls and asked what choice he had made. Ryan looked at his mom's eyes and down to her breasts and the key hanging in between them. He felt a bit of pain as his mom put more pressure on his balls.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


This is not a story but a interesting thing I noticed and I have a question that needs to be answered...truthfully.  They are kind of related.

First, I seem to lose my motivation for writing stories or working on captions when I keep to my regular orgasm schedule.  If I stop masturbating or masturbate but do not orgasm...there is a lot more activity here or work being  done in the back ground.

Second, a few questions, and this relates to the first part.  How many ladies read this blog/site?  Now this is for the ladies only, would you accept an offer to hold the keys to my chastity belt?  The longer I am locked up the more updates to the for you it is a win win.  Details can be discussed and will note on the site of any updates, keyholders, and status.

You do not have to answer in a reply to this post, my email is on the right side of the page in the "about me".

New Captaions

New Captions

Sunday, September 13, 2015

New Poll - Ballbusting or Chastity

There is a new poll.

Would you prefer ballbusting or chastity?

Monday, July 13, 2015


I know it has been awhile from my last post.  I have this story, about 1/3 completed.  I also am working on more captions.


Peter was enjoying his last month of summer vacation before he entered high school. His sister, Laura, was looking forward to her second year in middle school. They usually got along together by mostly avoiding each other. Which was fine for Peter as he enjoyed the alone time to masturbate. They lived with their mom, Karen She was a stay at home mom and spent most of her days relaxing.

One day Karen asked Peter to move some boxes of books from the garage to the basement. After all day of moving the heavy boxes Peter was sore. Karen gave him $100 and name a massage therapist. She made an appointment with a friend who would make him feel all better. Peter took the money and went to see her.

When Peter arrived he was shown to his room and told to strip naked and lie face down on the bed. He was a little hesitant at first, ut he figured this was his mom's friend and would know what she is doing. He was lying on the bed listening to the relaxing music, when he heard the door close. He could not see the face but was looking at her legs and the short skirt.

Peter's cock was getting hard as she straddled his head to rub his back from top to bottom. He figured as long as he was face down this would not be an issue. After some time she told him to flip over. He was a little hesitant at first since his cock was still rock hard. While he was contemplating what to do, she told him not to worry about his erect cock.

Peter flipped over and his cock was standing straight up as she was rubbing his chest and arms. During the entire time his cock was rock hard and was starting to glisten on the tip as a little bit of precum was coming out. After she was done with his rub down, she told him now the real healing starts.

Peter was a bit confused and asked her what the rubbing was for. She told that it was to relax the muscles now, but they will be sore later. She went on to say she specialized in long term relaxing and to let her work to resolve his true underlying issues. As she was talking to Peter she walked around him and tied his arms and legs down to the table. Before Peter realized what happened he was just about immobilize.

Peter started to protest, but she calmed him down by saying it was his safety as she will be exploring some sensitive areas and to relax and let her do her work. She flicked lever on the table and the Peter's legs were spread open. She walked in between his now spread legs and looked at his hard cock. She started to rub his inner thighs working her way up to his cock.

Peter was now thinking he was going to get a happy ending to his massage to giving long term healing. He started to relax more as she slowly worked his cock with her hands. Soon she stopped and started to shake her head. Peter was a bit confused, he asked her what was wrong and why did she stop.

She told him this was one of the worst cases of male tension she has seen. She asked him if he knew what acupuncture was. Peter nodded his head up and down and slowly said yes. She warned him this treatment is not for faint of heart and he could stop now, but would be in pain later tonight. Peter thought about it for bit as she was slowly stoking his cock, he looked down at her and said to do it.

She got up and walked over to a table and got a few jars of needles. She took her position, again, in between Peter's spread legs. She told him she needed to work the source of the problem with her hands first before using the needles. She grabbed a hold of Peter's balls and forced them to the bottom of the sack, they were now trapped. She took her other hand ans started to slap his balls.

This took Peter by surprise and was yelping in pain and begging her to stop. She kept going saying she could not stop once the process had started. She continued to slap his balls for what Peter thought was an eternity. What peter did not realize was as she said she was working the area over first before the needles.

When she stopped Peter let out a sigh of relief. However, that was soon replaces with fear as he felt a coolness on his balls. When he looked down she was rubbing his balls with alcohol to clean the skin. Now he realized what was going to happen and again was protesting. She stopped him by slapping his balls and warned to stop it will be worse.

She placed a band around the top of his scrotum to keep his balls in the bottom of the sack. She took out a small needle and looked at his balls. She pushed the needle in to his left ball and Peter screamed in pain. Before he could grasp what just happened, she was taking another needle and putting it in his right ball.

Soon Peter's balls had three needles each in them. As she was working Peter's cock was rock hard the entire time and slowly leaking precum. Next she pulled out a longer needle and told him to take a deep breath and this one is called the relaxer and would go in from the back side of his balls and out the front of his balls.

She lifted his balls and felt for where the cords attached to the balls. She then took the needle and started to push in right where the cords attached. The pain was almost too much for Peter to handle as the needle was pushed into his ball and out the front. She did the same for his other ball.

The initial pain was starting to subside and was now just a dull ache in his balls. She now started to stroke his cock. He was so confused, his balls had needles sticking in them...and out of them, but his cock was loving the attention it was getting. She would stroke him fast and bring him to the edge then slowly to bring him back down.

After an hour of teasing she stopped completely. She first removed the smaller needles, and when she removed the longer needles from the back she did it as slowly as possible. Once they were all removed his balls were slowly leaking a fluid. There was a small amount of blood but mostly as she called it male juice.

She wiped down his balls with more alcohol which burned the opened wounds. Before she finished she took a measurement of his balls from top to bottom. She pulled out a different needle that had a small head on it. She then put it in on the bottom of each ball and placed a small piece of gaze and tape on it.

She told Peter to leave these needles in his balls. They will continue to release the male juice over time. Peter was not sure if he could function with a needle in each testicle. She untied him and helped him up. As he was dressing she told him to not masturbate or orgasm as it would ruin the progress they had made. When he left she gave him a bag of stuff to take home.

When Peter got home his balls were in pain. He then realized that she never told him how long to keep the needles in his balls or when he could masturbate again. He started to look in the bag when his mother walked in the room. She took the bag and said her friend called and told her that there were special instructions in the bag.

She took out of the bag a medium sized box and a sheet of paper. She started to simile while reading the instructions. She looked at Peter and told him what would happen over the next month.

      1. The release needles will need to be replaced everyday
      2. After removing the needles and before replacing them, slap the testicles for ten minutes to wake then up
      3. The needles are to be put in from the bottom of the testicle to the top, the same way they are put in now
      4. No masturbation or orgasms are allowed during this time
      5. To maintain the testicles function and keep the male juice flowing, you will need to be brought to the edge(the more edges the better the results will be)
      6. In addition to the edging, his cock should stay as hard for as long as possible(teasing and provocative clothing should help)
      7. To avoid any misdeeds with playing with his cock, there is an included chastity belt(it is up to you to enforce it)
      8. After a month a finial appointment will be scheduled to complete the process

Peter was speechless, but his mother told him to remove his pants. Peter slowly removed his pants and showed his mother his testicles, each with the needle in them. She laughed at the site of her son's balls and his cock starting to get hard. She took hold of his cock and started to stroke it. As she was stoking, she told him now was a good time start an edge.

She was slowly stroking his cock, keeping him on edge for about ten minutes before stopping. Peter was dripping precum and his balls were not only sore from the needles but from the backup of cum. He figured it was good that she stopped as he could calm down. However, his mom had other ideas

Karen took off her shirt and shorts leaving her in just her bra and panties. Peter's cock again dripped precum at the site of his mom. She started to slowly stroke his cock again, keeping him on edge for almost 20 minutes. There was a steady stream of precum dripping out of Peter's cock. When she stopped she told Peter to get dressed for dinner.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Surprise Part 4

Sorry it has been awhile since my last update.  Real life has been busy.  Thanks to all those that write comments.  This is what gets me going to write more stories.


Everyday for the four months Lisa and Grace were constantly busting Scott's balls. They always “consoled” him by saying that with how full his balls are the busting should not hurt as much. He knew they were full, everyday he was leaking precum, it did not help that his wife and daughter were either nude or in just their underwear.

At the end of the four months, his mother returned. Scott knew he would have a new chance to cum. When he greeted his mother at the door, she kneed his swollen balls. She told him that was a warm up knee and that his balls were in store for some more busting.

Lisa and Grace removed Scott's chastity belt. His cock instantly sprang to life once it was free of the cage. They all laughed saying that it hopes it gets a chance to cum today. Scott stood there in silence knowing that his balls were about to get a beating from his mother, daughter and wife.

After some kicking, punching, kneeing, and slapping from all of them. Scott's mother said she wanted to try something new her son's balls. She grabbed his balls and led him to the bathroom. She had him kneel in front of the toilet and place his balls on the edge of the seat. She lowered the lid on to his balls.

Slowly she sat down on the lid near the back. All of the weight went right on to Scott's balls. They were slowing being crushed. She slowly moved towards her son putting more weight on his balls. His balls were now holding up his mother as she was sitting on them.

Scott's cock was rock hard while this was happening and had a steady flow of precum. Less then an inch away his mother's pussy was in front of his cock, and below the lid his balls were being crushed. All Scott could see was his mother's breasts in front of his eyes as his balls were being crushed.

Scott's mother told Grace to sit on the back of the lid where she first started. Grace slowly put her weight down on the lid and add more pressure on Scott's balls. Scott's balls were now holding the weight of his mother and daughter. Lisa looked at Scott's balls and said there were getting pretty flat but she was not worried as his cock was still rock hard and leaking precum.

After about ten minutes they both got up and examined Scott's balls. They all loved that they had lost their oval shape and now had flat spots on the top and bottom. They gave Scott a fe minutes to recover till they gave him the chance to earn an orgasm.

When Lisa, Grace, and Scott's mother were talking about his chance to cum, they realized it was his balls that should decide. Scott was kind of confused, as they started to tie his cock to his stomach and tie his balls so they were tight in the bottom of his sack.

Lisa, told Scott that instead of his cock feeling who was sucking or fucking, it would be his balls. One would either suck his balls or put his balls in their pussy. He would have five seconds decide. Again if he got 20 correct he earned an orgasm, if he got five wrong then it is another four months in chastity.

The punishment for guessing wrong would be done by the person who was in the act. After five seconds he would have to guess, the blindfold would be removed and if he was wrong they would either bite down on his balls or squeeze his balls in their pussy.

Scott was blindfolded and soon his balls were being sucked. He had no idea, this was an all new sensation for him. He said it was his wife. The blindfold was removed and it was his mother, and she bit down on his balls. Scott yelped in pain as his mother's teeth dug into his balls. She let go of his balls and laughed that he is having a bad start.

Again he was blindfolded, this time he felt a hand grab his balls and soon they were being pushed in a pussy, it was a tight fit go get both his balls in the pussy. Once his balls were in he guess it was wife. The blind fold was removed and he was correct. She pulled his balls out of her pussy and he was blind folded again.

Again he felt a hand grab his balls and they were being pushed into a pussy. Once they were in, he guessed his daughter. The blindfold was removed and it was his wife again. She squeezed her kegel muscles a squeezed his balls in her pussy.

This was a unique feeling for Scott, it was not has hard as a hand squeeze but the sensation of having his balls squeezed inside pussy was painful. She stopped squeezing and popped his balls out of her pussy. As he was being blindfolded his mother said he is not doing to well as he only has three wrong guess left.

Now Scott felt his balls being put in a mouth. He guess it was his wife again, and the blindfold was removed. It was his daughter who bit down on her dad's balls. He groaned in pain as her molars dug into his balls. When she stopped she grabbed hold of his balls and said that they tasted good when they were soaked in her mom's pussy juice.

The blindfold was placed on his head and he felt a hand grab his balls. They were pushed into a pussy. After the five seconds he guess it was his mother. The blindfold was removed and his balls were in his daughter's pussy. She squeezed his balls and it was a little worse then his wife as her pussy was tighter and was able to put more pressure on his balls.

When she removed his balls she said he has to get 19 correct to get an orgasm. The blindfold was put on and he felt his balls being sucked. He guess it was his mother and the blindfold was removed. It was his mother. She said it was a lucky guess.

The blindfold was place back on Scott. He felt a hand grab his balls and push them in to a pussy. He guessed it was his wife. The blind fold was removed and it was his mother. She squeezed down on his balls saying he should have do a better job in trying to earn his orgasm.

Once his cock and balls were untied he was begging to be allowed to cum. Grace grabbed him by the balls and asked him why he need to cum and that his balls did not feel that full. Scott tried to answer her but his mother stopped him.

She said that Grace was right that his balls were not that full and for the rest of the day the chastity belt would be left off and all three will take turns stroking his cock bringing him to edge again and again. Scott's mother grabbed his balls now saying thats what he gets for thinking with his balls.

For the rest of the day his wife Lisa, his daughter Grace, and his mother were edging his cock. At the end of the day Scott's balls were now shade of blue and his cock had a steady stream of precum. Grace grabbed his balls saying that now they felt a little fuller before putting ice on his cock and balls.

Grace took the lock to the chastity and with a click put her dad back in chastity. Even in the chastity belt his cock was still leaking precum. They all laughed. Scott walked his mother to the door and as she was leaving gave him a knee to his balls. She told him to take care and keep his balls full for her.