Saturday, December 24, 2011

Daughter has some fun

My day started out as normal enough, but as the day went on it just got worse.  When I got home from work my wife, Lisa, was in my daughters room and my daughter, Jenny, was crying.  My wife told me that she was at school and some boys were picking on her.  I went over to my daughter to comfort her.

After we ate dinner, we were all talking about what happened and what would be best to do.  During the conversation, we were washing the dishes and my wife went to spank my ass to motivate me to work faster, but as her hand went towards my ass, I turned around.  She nailed me right in my balls.  I stop in mid sentence and bent over from the pain.  Just as that happened she yelled that she knew what to do.

About 10 minutes later we were all in the family room when my wife told me to strip naked.  I looked at her with a puzzled look on my face, and asked why.  She told me that she was going to teach Jenny all about men and their balls.  She reiterated to strip or it will be worse.  I stood up and started to strip while my wife explained to my daughter what was going to happen.  I must say that as I was taking off my clothes, I was getting a little excited.

When all I had on was my boxers my wife told me to stop and walk over to the couch where they were sitting.  She reached up and pulled my boxers off.  Standing at attention was my cock.  My daughter giggled while it bounced in the air.  My wife took hold of my balls and started to explain to Jenny about men and their balls.  The whole time she was still grasping to my balls.  When she let them go they were sore from her grabbing them, but it would get a lot worse as time went on.

My wife told my daughter to grab my balls so she could feel what it is like to have a pair of balls in her hand.  As she grabbed them I winced in pain as she did not know how sensitive they are.  She looked up at me while squeezing them; I looked back at my daughter as she was holding my balls in her hands.  My wife told her that if she has a man by his balls, he is in her possession.  She let go of my balls and I breathed a sigh of relief.

My daughter was a quick learner and asked if she could kick me in the balls.  My wife smiled as she knew that her daughter was becoming an expert ballbuster.  My wife told me to kneel on the floor and spread my legs.  When I got on the floor, my daughter told me to beg her to bust my balls.  She stood in front of me as I was kneeling with my legs spread and my balls hanging exposed.  She took a step back and let loose a kick to my balls.  The top of her foot nailed my balls, I screamed in pain.

I rolled on to the floor holding my balls.  She laughed and asked to do it again.  All I could do was groan.  She lifted me back up and tied my hands behind my back.  She whispered something into my wife’s ear and ran upstairs.  Mean while my wife walked up to me and old me she was getting some “accessories” to use.  She reached down and started to squeeze my balls, while she was doing this she whispered to me that she was going to give my balls to Jenny for her birthday.

When Jenny came back downstairs she had a bag full of “accessories”.  She dropped the bag and pulled out a pair of high heels.  She put them on and told me to spread them.  She reared back and let her foot fly into my balls.  The toe hit me squarely in my balls.  I fell over trying to cover my balls, but I could not because my hands were tied.  After a couple of minutes she lifted me back up again and told me that she was not going to use these heels again.

She took off her heels and went to the bag again.  She pulled out a pair of stiletto heels and smiled.  I kneed in front of my daughter while she put them on.  She reached over and grabbed my balls pulling them down.  She let go, stood up and kicked my balls, she was screaming she was so happy, I was screaming because my balls were be busted.  She walked over to me and said that there would be no more kicking for a little while.

After I was giving some time to recover from my daughters ball kicking they dragged me into the kitchen.  I knew that I was in trouble when I saw the smirk on my wife’s and daughter’s faces.  They sat me down in a chair and tied my arm behind me and tied my legs open.  My balls were very sore and because of that they were very close to my body.  Jenny got mad that my balls were not hanging low anymore.

My wife got an idea and ran to the medicine cabinet and returned with a bottle of muscle heat cream.  She told my daughter to make sure that I was tied down tight.  Lisa poured some into her hand and lathered it on to my balls.  For the first minute it was not that bad, and then all hell broke loose on my balls.  They were burning up I felt that they were on fire.  I yelled and tried to get free to no avail.

After about 10 minutes of hell my wife walked up and rinsed them off so there would be no greasy residue left on my balls.  By now my balls were as low as I had ever seen them.  They were hanging over the edge of the chair.  My daughter was now smiling, and ready for some fun.

She looked around the kitchen for some new toys she could use on my balls.  She first saw a wooded spoon.  She grabbed it, then my balls.  She lifted up her hand and swung at my balls.  I cringed in pain as she hit my tender balls.  She continued that for about 10 minutes till my balls were red and swollen.  The only relief I got what when she was done she would take some time to find the next item.

Next she walked up with a hand full of rubber bands.  She started at the base of my cock and worked her way down my balls.  When she got near the bottom she separated each of my balls into their own bag.  She stood back to admire her work as my balls glistened in the light.  She looked up at me and told that my balls have no where to hide now.

She walked away as my wife watch in pure enjoyment of my discomfort.  Lisa walked up to me to admire her daughters work.  She told me that this was for her enjoyment and learning and that I was to respect that no matter what she wants to do to my balls.  All I could do was agree with what my wife said.  Jenny returned with 2 screw clamps, I gulped in fear.

Before she did anything my wife told her that I had giving my balls to her to play with when ever she wants.  My daughter looked at me and asked if that was true, and what could I say with the position I was in.  I told her that my balls were hers to do with what she pleases.  She smiled and thanked me with a smack to my stretched out balls.  I winced in pain.

She then opened up one clamp and placed it on my left ball.  She tightened it till it hung off of my ball.  She then did the same to my right ball.  She wanted to play a game with my balls.  She picked up a pair of dice and some paper to write out the rules.  She would roll the dice to see how many turns to turn on the clamps.  The only way out of the game was snake eyes.  If an even number came up it would me half the turns for one ball and half for the other, if it came up odd once again split in half but each clamp would get half a twist to make up the difference.

She rolled the first die, 4, I was already in pain, and the second die was 2, for a total of 6.  First she clamped my right ball 3 turns, then my left.  I felt that they were going to pop.  She rolled again, first came a 1, I was excited that it could end, and then a 6, a total of 7.  She decided to do one twist per ball, fallowed by the half twist.  I looked down at my balls to see that they were only about 1 inch thick; they are normally about 1.5 inches thick.  I was in fear for my balls.

She took another roll as I pondered that fate of my balls.  The first one was a 6, the second one was also a 6, for total of 12.  She looked at my balls started the twists, when she was done she told me that the last couple of twist were very hard to do.  I looked down at my balls in fear that they would be gone.  They were now down to about .75 inches thick.  She grabbed the dice to roll again.

I watched the first die land on a 1.  She rolled the second die, which landed on a 1.  I was so happy.  She got mad and reached over to my balls and started to twist the clamps off.  I watched her do it and she first started do it the wrong way and tightening them more I screamed in pain.  She then realized her mistake and took off the clamps.  My balls expanded back into shape.

She took off the rubber bands which have been on my balls for almost 30 minutes, as the blood rushed back into my balls the pain got worse.  She laughed at how purple they had gotten and slapped them back to life.  As she was slapping my balls she asked her mom what she should do next to my balls.  She thought for a second and told her to go get some rope.

My daughter ran off into the garage to get some rope as I sat there with my wife.  She reached over and inspected my balls and said that there appeared to me no damage done.  She told me that her pussy was so wet, and when Jenny was playing the dice game she nearly orgasmed with every twist.  She grabbed my balls and reminded me that they belong to Jenny now.

When Jenny returned with the rope, my wife had untied me from the chair and retied me to the door frame so I was standing up; well actually the rope tied to my arms was holding me up.  When Jenny returned with the rope she tied it around my balls and pulled on it a little.  She let go of my balls with the rope tied around them and went and got a gallon of water.

She tied the gallon of water to the other end of the rope and let it go.  My balls were being pulled down and the only thing keeping me from falling was the ropes tied to my arms.  My daughter laughed at the faces I was making.  Jenny reached over and lifted up the gallon of water and dropped it.  It seemed like it was going in slow motion, the gallon of water reached to bottom of the rope and pulled on my balls.  I screamed in pain as my daughter screamed in enjoyment.

After 10 or so drops she was getting bored with the gallon of water.  She untied the gallon of water and tied a loop in the end of the rope.  Nothing prepared me for what she was going to do next.  She lifted her foot up and placed it in the loop.  She lifted her other foot off the ground which meant that the only thing holding her up were my balls.  She jumped off and then did it again.  My ball felt like they were going to rip off.

After some time she stopped and my wife told my daughter to get ready for bed.  I was relieved that this night was over.  They untied me and let me fall to the floor to recover.  I head them upstairs talking and laughing, but I could not make any of it out.  I finally got the strength to get up and go to bed.  When I walked it seemed like my balls were going to explode.  I was kind of dazed with what just happened.

I went up stairs and kissed my daughter goodnight, to which she squeezed my balls.  I limped into my bed room and my wife was standing there with nothing on.  I looked at her perfect body and started to get erect.  She looked at me and said that it all seems to work ok.  She walked up to me and pushed me back on the bed.  She asked if I was prepared for the best sex of my life.

The next thing I remember I hear the alarm clock going off.  I thought that it was weird that it was going off since it was Saturday.  I got up still sore from last night I put on some boxers and limped down stairs.  My daughter was eating breakfast, and my wife was staring with some of the house work.  I sat down and started eating a bowl of cereal.

Jenny told me to come and sit next to her.  When I got up she told me to remove my boxers before I sat back down.  I told her no, then she reminded me that she owns me now and to do what ever she says.  I looked at her and removed my boxers.  I sat down next to her.  We were both eating when I felt her hand grab my balls.  I nearly coughed up my cereal when she did that.  I asked her to not do that since they were still sore.  She looked at me and squeezed while telling me to never tell her what to do.

When she let go, I was no longer hungry and got up to clean up.  Jenny told me to come upstairs to be washed.  I fallowed her upstairs to the bathroom.  She started to fill the tub with water when she told me that if I get an erection she would start more ballbusting.  She started to take off her clothing and trying to do it as sexy as possible.  All I could do was watch as she stripped right in front of me.  I could feel a twitch in my cock and tried to think of other thing to avoid getting hard.  It was impossible; before I knew it I was rock hard.

Jenny looked at my cock and looked up at me and told me that I would be washed then punished.  She ordered me into the tub which was almost scolding hot.  She told me to stop being a baby, and the hot water was to loosen up my balls.  She washed my body and told me to open my legs so she could clean my balls.

After I got out of the bath my balls were hanging low.  She looked at them and told me to walk over to the sink, which was at the perfect height for my balls.  She turned on the water and switched it over to the hottest setting.  She filled the sink up with hot water and slowly opened the drain so that the water level would remain constant with the hot water running.

She ordered me to put my balls into the now steaming water.  I hesitated at first, and lifted my balls over the sink.  She stood behind me to keep me from backing away.  As I held my balls over the water I could feel the heat of the water on my balls.  I dropped them into the hot water and yelled in pain.  I tried to pull back but my daughter held me in place.  Jenny told me to put my hands behind my back.

She moved from behind me and watched my balls turn redder and redder.  After about 5 minutes, she turned off the water and told me to remove my balls from the water.  My balls were sore to the touch because of the hot water.  She told me to clean up and join her in her room for my punishment.

I followed her into her room where my wife was waiting for us.  I stood in front of my wife and daughter completely naked.  My wife said that last night she had giving me a mild sedative to knock me out.  I asked why and she said that it was so she could collect my sperm so she could get pregnant again and have another girl.  She looked at my daughter and winked at her.

Jenny looked back to me and said that she was going to pop one of my balls and when her sister came of age she would pop my one remaining ball.  I wanted to protest, but my daughter owned my balls.  She walked up to me and grabbed my balls in her hands; she squeezed them while asking me which one she should pop.

I winced in pain and looked back down at her hold my balls.  She told me to hurry up or she would decide for me.  I told her to pop my right testicle.  She laughed and said that is not good enough; get down on your knees and beg me to pop your right ball.  She let go of my balls and I fell to my knees.  I looked up to her and begged her to pop my right testicle.  She looked down at me and said that since I asked nicely she would do it for me.

While I was kneeling down she told me to open my legs up for some kicking.  I spread my legs apart, totally exposing my balls.  They were hanging lower because of the hot water they were just in.  Before she kicked my balls she placed a rubber band around them so they would not be able to move around as much.  She then kicked me square in my balls.  I rolled on to the floor grasping my balls.

She told me get up and get on top of her bed.  We were going to play another game.  She pulled out the dice from the day before and told me the rules.  This game has no way out except for popping your right ball.  The total number on the dice will indicate how many times I will hit you balls; I get to choose how to hit them.  The only way out is the popping of your right ball.  That will happen when both dice came up with ones.

She rolled the first die, a 5, the second die came up a 3, a total of 8.  She thought for a second and told me to stand up.  She walked up to me and opened my legs with her knee and said that she would knee my balls 8 times.  My wife stood behind me to hold me up.  She brought her knee up into my defenseless ball, I tried to fall down but my wife held me up.  Seven more times she kneed my balls.  After the last I fell to the floor.

Before I had a chance to recover, she was rolling the dice.  First came a 6 and another 6.  She looked at me and told me to open my legs up for her.  She reached over and said 12 seconds per ball of squeezing.  She grabbed my left ball, and placed it between her thumb and fingers.  She started to squeeze as I screamed in pain.  When she let go, she said that it is now the chosen ball’s turn.

I rolled in pain from the ball squeezing as she was reaching for the dice.  First came a 1.  She got so excited, that when she rolled the second die it fell off the table, it landed on 5.  I breathed a sigh of relief for a moment, until she said that it was not a legal roll since it fell off the table.  She picked it back up and rolled it again.  It came to rest with the number 1.
She screamed in pure joy.  She gave me choices in how I wanted her to pop my right ball.  My choices were standing with no shoes on, standing with high heels on, clamps, or squeezing.  I was still in shock that my daughter was going to be popping one of my balls, and it took some time for me to process the question she asked.  I asked her how she wanted to pop daddy’s ball.  She said standing with high heels.  I told her to do it that way.

She told me once again to beg her to pop my right ball with her high heels.  I begged her to pop my right testicle with her high heels.  She smile and said ok.  She went into the closet and pulled out a pair of red high heels.  Mean while my wife tied up my balls and separated them so the left ball would go unharmed for the time being.  My daughter walked up to me and placed her heel on my right testicle.

I looked up to her and she looked down at me, the moment our eyes met she placed all her weight on my right testicle.  I screamed in pain and tried to pull away, but my wife held me in place.  She I looked back at my daughter who was smiling as she was ending half of my manhood.  Just as I was about to pass out from the pain I heard little pop and everything went black.

I woke up the next day with a huge pain in my balls.  I reached for them, but before my hand got to them my wife told me not to touch down there.  It was still pretty sensitive.  Shortly there after my daughter cam into the room and thanked me for letting her pop my testicle.  She said by next month she could go back to kicking me in my balls, oops I mean you ball.  My daughter and wife laughed at that little mistake.

All I could do now is wait for my wife to have another baby girl and for her to pop my remaining testicle.  In the mean time, my daughter still owned my other ball to play with whenever and how ever she wanted to.  It was going to be long time till my other ball was to be popped.


  1. First story I ever read of yours, and I still think it's the best (so far). I printed it out long ago and its part of my physical collection of stories.
    Thanx KY!

  2. if i were you i would just tell the the police and get them both arrested or somehow cuntbust both of them with some help from your friends

  3. There should have been a couple of sons too. Im into a group of maybe three or four guys getting busted or a younger brother busting older brothers.

    1. Would you like to pop my balls

  4. I what my balls to be popped

  5. I have enjoyed cock and ball torture from my wife and mother in law. My most memorable experience was when I first found out the mother in law was also into BDSM with my father in law.
    My wife and I usually did a session every Saturday morning, and she had my wrists tied to the ring bolts we have in the living room ceiling, and my ankles tied to some furniture.
    She had put a large butt plug in my ass, and clothes pins on my nipples.
    She then put a band with a ring around my scrotum, and hung weights from my balls, stretching them out.
    I had no idea my mother in law was coming over that morning, and when she came into the house, there I was. I was terribly embarrassed to be seen by her like this.
    She laughed, and carried on a conversation with her daughter, as she would make the weights swing, watching my scrotum and balls go back and forth.
    MIL told us to continue, and she would watch. My wife next got a Van Buren cock sound, and inserted it fully inside my cock. Her mom had her come over, and whispered in her ear. She went to the kitchen, and came back with a jar of hot peppers. Next she pulled the sound from my cock, and dipped it in the jar to cover the shaft with the hot pepper juice.
    She then reinserted the sound in my cock,and I was in instant pain. I could not believe how much the burning sensation was.
    She and MIL were almost rolling on the floor laughing at me, as I begged them to take it out. They didn't.
    My MIL then took more clothes pins, and started putting them all over my cock, and on up my body.
    They stood there admiring their work, and MIL asked my wife if she wanted to see me in real pain? Of course she was told yes.
    My wife has a collection of hat pins about 6" long. MIL selected one, and started pricking my cock and balls lightly. My burning cock got harder, and was purple and pulsing.
    She asked me if I was enjoying myself, and even though my cock was on fire, I told her yes. She then asked if I could stand more, and I once more answered yes.
    She grasped my right ball, and with one forceful push, skewered the hat pin completely through my ball. I nearly passed out. I gradually gather my strength after about five minutes. She then came back, grasped my left ball, and forced the skewer on through it, pushing it slowly this time, to make the pain last longer.
    The pain was incredible. The worst I had ever experienced.
    My wife then got out our estim, and connected the electrodes on both sides of the pin through my nuts. She turned it on at a low setting at first, gradually increasing it until it pegged out. She would switch the electrode on one end back and forth between the pin, and the sound that was still in my cock.
    They continued this, until I had an orgasm. The semen spurted out around the sound, burning with the pepper juice. As my sporting ended, my MIL pulled the sound from my cock ,then the pin from my balls.
    I was glad she had stopped in to visit!

  6. Honestly I think your stupid as f*** to not stop this. She does not own you. You could have stopped this at any time.

  7. Three days ago my gf had some ball busting time with me for 6 hours. She kicked me numerous times in the balls, kneed them, squeezed and even crushed them between the door hinges. Luckily I didn't have them popped. Love you Nayanika for letting me escape with my balls unpopped.