Friday, January 27, 2012

The end...

Don't worry this is not the end of the stories.  I want to know what your favorite way to end a story.  This is by far the hardest part of the writing for me, the end.  Do you want it to be left open with a closing theme...ex-they lived happily every after.  Or a definitive end...ex-they both died.  Or in the case of ballbusting: they continued ballbusting or do you want castration?  Or something else?

I will have to say I have about 5-10 stories that are done except for the end...I am usually stuck at which method(s) to choose.  I did just finish a story where you, the reader can decide the ending to an extent(I am proof reading it before I post it).

Please let me know in the comments or email me,


  1. Generally speaking, I like to leave things open because it leaves doors open to return back to a scenario or set of characters (should I ever want to revisit them). However, every story has it's own 'feel' and it's that, by and large, that dictates how the story ends. Happily ever afters are nice if you get to personally have one, but maybe not the best for story writing. My best advice, is take a step back and try to figure out what you are trying to accomplish in your story. If that includes a messy ending, then so be it, but if not, then end with something benign, like a witty comment, or someone walking out the door or down the road.

  2. I thank leave thing open when it come to the ballbusting. I personally don't like the castration thang but i do love your stories keep up the good work.

  3. well i i can speak just for myself, but i'm really into the castration staff, or at least taking one ball. i also think it's very hot to end the stories with some teasing or taunting, especially in the family theme stories. keep on with great work man

  4. I prefer having at least one ball left for future pain and humiliation, however I admit to enjoying stories with a permanent solution at the end.

  5. My endings are mostly all the same . . . . a big build up to the grand finale of crushing, bursting, popping and busting the victim's little fella's, so that everyone else can have a huge orgasm while the victim writhes in abject agony on the floor, his pulped manhood oozing around in its sack.
    That for me is the pay off. It's why I write stories. For me its a clear and simply goal line, which I try to cross each time.