Monday, April 15, 2013

Surprise - Part 1

            Scott was at work Friday afternoon when he got a message from his wife, Lisa, to hurry home as she has some fun planned for him when he gets home.  Scott was excited as his wife has locked him in chastity for the past four months.  He is allowed an orgasm every four months, so he was really excited to be going home for the weekend.

            When he got home there was a note on the door to strip naked and come to the bedroom.  He stripped off his clothes and looked down at his cock in the stainless steel chastity belt.  His cock was as hard as it could get in the cage.  He walked through the house to the bedroom.

            He opened the door and sitting on the bed was his wife.  Lisa was wearing her sex bra and panties.  His cock was now dripping precum in excitement.  She looked at him and his dripping cock and said he is in for a surprise.  She told him to get down on his knees and close his eyes.

            Scott got down on his knees and closed his eyes.  He heard some rustling and his wife saying this is going to be great.  She reminded him to keep his eyes closed till she said to open them.  Scott was kneeling with his cock dripping in his cage and his balls full and hanging low.  He felt her hand grab his balls and give slight squeeze when she said to open his eyes.

            He opened his eyes and saw his wife sitting on the bed.  He quickly looked down to see who was holding his balls.  To his left was their daughter, Grace, holding his balls.  He did not know what was going on.  He looked at his wife in confusion.  Before he could ask, Lisa started to explain.

            Ash Grace was holding her father’s balls, Lisa told Scott she had a custom lock made and it will require two different keys to open the lock.  She would have one key and Grace would have the other key.  From now on he would need his wife and his daughter to unlock his cock.

            He looked down as his daughter let go of his balls.  She unlocked the old lock and took it off.  She handed her dad the new lock and told him to put it on.  He looked at the new lock with two key holes.  Before he closed the lock, his daughter told him to look her in the eyes as he locked it shut.

            He looked in her eyes and with an audible click he was locked in.  Lisa told her husband to walk over to the dresser and get the two keys on the necklaces and put them on each of them.  Scott walked over to the dresser and proceeded to put the key necklace on his wife and daughter.

            His daughter told her dad she was honored to hold the key to his chastity belt.  He looked up at her smiling face.  Before he could say anything, his wife asked Grace if she had anything she wanted.  Grace, in her excitement, almost forgot what she had always wanted to do.

            She told her dad to get on all fours and put his ass up in the air.  Scott got on all fours and put his ass up, this let his balls hang freely.  Grace stood behind her father and saw his swollen low hanging balls.  She brought her foot back and kicked her dad in his balls.  Scott yelled in pain and fell over.

            Lisa ordered Scott to get back on all fours for her kick.  It took some time but he was soon on all fours.  Lisa stood behind her husband and let her kick fly.  Her kick was stronger than Grace’s kick.  Scott balled up holding his battered balls.

            His wife and daughter both agreed he had enough for tonight and went to bed.  However, before they went to bed they told him tomorrow would be even better.  He stayed on the ground as his daughter walked out of the room and his wife got in bed.


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